October 1

What is the “in-stock” filter Google is adding?

Google is trying to get people to shop more
Whenever Google introduces new ways to shop, we see new ways to get sales. In a blog post, the company announced several changes to make it easier to answer the question: “What products are in that pic?” Namely: iOS users will now notice a button in the Google app that, when clicked, makes all images on a page “shoppable” through Google Lens. Google will soon launch Lens to Chrome on the desktop, bringing this “shoppable” feature on PCs and Macs as well.

In-stock or you’re out: In addition, Google is adding an “in-stock” filter to search results. So if you search for a keyword like “bike helmet for kids,” you can choose to show only nearby stores that have this product on shelves.

The company has also stated that it is bringing Shopping Graph to regular search results, which means that you will see more structured search results for keywords such as “cropped jackets”, for example.

How to adapt to these changes: Make sure your product is listed as available in the Merchant Center for the in-stock feature. See the e-commerce best practices Google released yesterday to help you appear better in search for the Shopping graph update.

And, as more people use Google Lens to discover “what’s in this image,” e-commerce content marketing may evolve into picture marketing.


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