Improving Ecommerce Conversion Rates Launching and building an eCommerce business is not a simple task. First, you must decide what to sell. Then, you source your product by looking for suppliers. Next, you set up your store and start sending visitors to your website. If you think that’s all it takes to keep the wheel in

How to Get Started On eCommerce in 2021We first heard of Covid-19 in the last few months of 2019. Most of us did not pay attention to it. It was in our periphery, not expecting that in 2020 it was going to be in the front and center of our lives. Everybody felt the effect

The Importance of Trust Signals in EcommerceIf you were to recall the first time you bought a product online, you will remember how unsure you were of the process. It was scary because you did not see the product live, you just looked at a picture. And, unless you read the product description thoroughly, the

Social Media Content Calendar Planner Package 2021Content is King and each year it becomes even more important. We put together a FREE KIT of downloadable templates you can use for 2021:Australian Events PlannerSocial Media Marketing CalendarBest Times to Post on Social ChannelsSocial Media Strategy Planner Document Get instant access Around the world, 47% of internet

All business owners will agree that ecommerce will continue to surge. Buyers nowadays prefer online shopping over braving physical stores. Online shopping is convenient, practical and offers virtually the same benefits as physical shopping. Business owners who want to start an ecommerce store need not look further than Shopify. Shopify has helped and continues to

Black Friday is around the corner. Brands are gearing up for the infamous day that they’ll go from operating in the red to black (if you didn’t know—that’s how the day got its name). Since its inception, social media has played a significant role in Black Friday advertising. In this post, we’ll explore how you can