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Sales Promotion Ideas for Small Businesses

Having a sale is not as easy as gathering an inventory, assigning a discount, attracting new customers and ringing up the cash register. It involves high-level strategy and even psychology to do it properly.

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Creating Better B2B Buyer Personas

Buyer personas can help marketers increase their conversions from responses to marketing qualified leads. Initially these were created by software developers to help analyze how different types of users

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How To Drive E-Commerce Sales During Slow Online Shopping Months

There are slow months in any business including online shopping. Summer is the time when most people spend time outdoors, instead of online, so it goes without saying that summer is a lean period when

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Social Media in Sales Funnel

If you’re in business you’re dealing with people. If you’re dealing with people it’s social. If it’s social it requires communication. If it requires communication it requires media. Businesses

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Facebook and Google Dominate Social Logins

Following our every Move Facebook and Google are following us wherever we go on the internet. Even when we want to login to other, 3rd party websites. What sounds practical on the one hand as we don’t

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Turbo Charge your eCommerce shop – increase sales and productivity

We know how to increase conversion rates. We have put together some killer strategies to make your eCommerce shop make more money. Enable Social Login for Seamless Checkout and Account Creation Any checkout

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