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LE Gear

Facebook Ads & Digital Marketing - ROAS 8

What is ROAS? Return on Ad Spend. So every $1,000 spend on ads we are directly getting $8,000 back in sales. Month in and Month out.

LeGear is the leading supplier of Law Enforcement and Military products in the APAC region, with a healthy Facebook fan base of over 70,000 followers. Their social following is highly engaged but LeGear found they weren’t maximising their Facebook ROI and weren’t converting any of their followers into website sales. This was until Digital Junkies took over and have since delivered a spectacular ROI.

SEO | Digital Growth Strategy | Google Shopping

Digital Junkies worked together with Kippins to dramatically boost eCommerce sales, SEO and return on their investment. While we were at it, we strategically focused the channel that had the highest ROI - ROAS 20!

By directing cold traffic to their products and created new, audiences and ad creative, as well as making changes to the website, we were able to generate a dramatically higher ROAS based on re-marketing.

CRO | Digital Marketing | Social Media Growth Strategy

From ROAS 0 to over 5 on Facebook and Instagram.

New to digital marketing. We took the sales from Zero to $100,000 in sales with-in 3 months.

We doubled the conversion rate, created a digital strategy and implemented a successful funnel that improves each month.

Web Design | Digital Marketing | Growth strategy

This was a brand NEW eCommerce site and we took the sales from Zero to $4,000,000 in sales with-in 12 months.

We doubled the conversion rate, created a digital strategy and quite simply crushed it.

Web Design CRO | Digital Marketing | Consulting

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Urban Road

Facebook Ads. ROAS over 25 over 4 months

When Urban Road came to us they had a pretty successful ecommerce platform selling Art Canvases, however they wanted to grow even bigger and better, but wanted to free up their time to focus on the business.

The results were phenomenal - in the first month we increased in sales by 20%, for as low as $2 per acquisition.

Woolworths Global Roaming SIM

Google & Facebook Ads. ROAS 5

Simple Prepaid Data Bundles. Stay in control with no bill shock, unexpected charges or daily roaming fees. Global Data Bundles from as little as $15 per month

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