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Developing content that will engage your current and future customers is critical for entrepreneurs these days – and we’re here with the resources you requested to get you past any content roadblocks.

Getting started couldn’t be easier. Download our content marketing e-book. You’ll get grounded in the basics and read inspiring stories from three entrepreneurs. They used content marketing to build their small businesses, and so can you! And after you get inspired, complete the 6-step plan that’s included to organize ideas that you can act on right away.


Content Marketing Essentials:

  1. Social media has an extremely short shelf life: The lifespan of a tweet or Facebook post will vary greatly depending on time of day,day of week, and countless other variables. Be sure to diversify the channels and formats by which you deliver and promote your content.
  2. Focus more on engagement than SEO: It won’t matter how keyword rich your content is if it is not relevant and engaging to your customers and prospects. Find out what your customers want, and learn how they like to digest and share information. Design your content for them and they way they use technology.
  3. No sales allowed: Content marketing is not a way to slide in a sneaky sales pitch. Content marketing can be an excellent way to gently guide potential customers into your sales funnel, but only by focusing on building trust and credibility via education, engagement and expertise.
  4. Be strategic: An intimate knowledge of your target customer is just as important in content marketing as it is in more traditional forms of advertising and sales. Before spending time and money creating a content marketing plan, make sure you know what sort of content appeals to your customer, how they like to consume information, their technology of choice and where they spend their time.
  5. Take a fresh approach: In content marketing, innovation is the name of the game. As the market grows to embrace the new sharing and connection economy the amount of content we consume is growing exponentially. In order to continue to catch your customers’ attention, it will be important to use graphics, video and written content in new and eye-catching ways.


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