How an Explainer Video can help with Lead Scoring

An explainer video is an investment that can help you with lead generation and lead scoring. Make the most out of this investment by using it as a tool in determining how you should follow up and approach potential clients.

A recent study discovered that when it comes to leads follow-up, potential customers who were contacted within an hour of making a query have seven times higher potential of becoming a qualified lead than those contacted an hour later. It further shows that potential customers who were contacted within an hour of making a query were 60 times more likely to become a qualified lead than those contacted the next day. These findings tell one important point – timing is of utmost importance. Note though that timing, in this context, is not just speed. It’s the perfect balance of when and how to approach a potential customer. This, you can do by getting enough information about your potential customer which will enable you to respond to them at the right time and with the right approach. This is the basis of lead scoring.

Lead scoring is the practice of gathering information about potential customer to help you gauge their intent to purchase. It will help you react correctly to each and every potential customer. The key to making it work is to collect pertinent data. This is where an explainer video comes in. It can help improve sales effort because the data collected from a potential customer’s viewing habits can help tremendously your lead scoring formula. Let me explain it further.

The queries we get are significant but more often than not, they don’t tell us the level of interest and what, in particular, got their attention. An explainer video can provide a more personal and in-depth look into the viewer’s interest and this  can be used for lead scoring for it gives us data on the following:

  • Clicks/plays – Although straightforward, clicks and plays just give a yes or no answer. We all know that the mere act of viewing doesn’t really tell much because it doesn’t tell us how engage (if at all) the viewer is. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t reach out to those who watch your explainer video. Reaching out to them at this point should be determined by your approach on targeting prospects of different lead scores. The explainer video provides you additional hat you can use.
  • Length of viewing – Logic dictates that the longer a viewer watches your video, the more interested he probably is in your product. This can be hard to quantify though when it comes to lead scoring. Writing that into your algorithm may be difficult; good thing, there is an easier way to do it. You may assign 5 points whenever a customer clicks on your video. If they watch up to half of it, give 8 points. If they watch until the end, assign 10 points.
  • Watching additional videos – Since we’re into identifying potential customers who will most probably convert, it’s worth considering finding out if they watch other videos on your site. Look in particular t their timing. If this person watches a video about your company and watches another one about your products a few months after, his interest may not be there. If, however, he watches a second video immediately after seeing the first, he will most likely convert.
  • Lastly, we need to see what the potential customer does after watching the explainer video. Did he stay in your webpage? Did he look at the prices? Did he get in touch with you? Looking into his behaviour after they have seen your explainer video will give you an idea of how interested he is, or not. Then, you can do a proper approach.

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