Five Key Planning Steps in Creating Infusionsoft Campaigns

When brainstorming with clients, it’s quite common that they come up with great ideas but they don’t know how to translate these ideas into effective Infusionsoft campaigns. This results in campaigns that sound promising in theory, yet potentially fall flat in execution, which is a shame because bright ideas get wasted

What goes wrong in the planning then? How do you ensure that ideas see its fruition in Infusionsoft?

  1. Start with the goal – This is elementary. Before you create a campaign, you should know what your objectives are. Do you want to convert viewers into leads that you can market to? Then, you need a lead capture campaign where you will find out where this possible market is coming from and what you’re going to sell to them. Do you need a client delivery campaign? Do you need to do a campaign after a product has been purchased? Be specific with what you want to achieve. Put your ideas into writing. Why is jotting the ideas down important? Well, if you cannot concretize your goal, chances are you don’t know what you want to achieve in the first place.
  2. Mind-Map your Ideas – Have a clear vision of what you want to happen and how you plan to implement it. Do a flowchart in your head, or better yet, on paper so you can see the process and the journey.  This is an important step in creating campaigns. You need to have a clear picture of what you want to happen.
  3. Step back and revisit Ideas – You don’t want to miss anything if you’re planning a campaign. It can’t be avoided though that sometimes when concepts are swimming in your head you tend to miss out an important thing. Step back, take a breather then look at your plans with fresh eyes. This way, you can avoid overlooking critical points in your planning.
  4. What client wants – Go beyond what a client could do in your campaign and consider what they might want to do. Do not fall into the notion that a campaign that has a single goal is good. Yes, it’s straightforward and quick but this is not necessarily the best option. What if your client wants more? Do you have a link where they can access information that they didn’t know they want? You can provide said information without inundating your client. There is a way you can add these extra details without overwhelming your viewers.
  5. Write out your full campaign – You have identified your goals and have an idea of the process you want. You have also identified where to catch your leads should they stray off the path. Your Potential leads will engage with you more because you can now provide them with opportunities to do so. Now is the time to put everything together on paper. Do this on something that you can always go back to, write notes on or refer to someone else.crm-contacts-for-small-business@2x

Are you still apprehensive on how to go about it? You can download a handout that you can work on. Fill out your name and email address and you can download a PDF. This tool is free and you can use it many times over while you create your campaigns. You can even share it with clients and colleagues.

If you need some one-on-one help, we have Strategic Consulting Hourly Block Packages and Tech Implementation Hourly Block Packages to help you implement effective Infusionsoft campaigns.  You’ll get help walking though the above steps, where you will learn what your campaign needs and where you can improve on it. If you get our Tech Implementation Hourly Block Packages and we will go into your Infusionsoft and create the campaign you have designed.

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