Fill 40 Spots For a Property Investment Seminar in 2 Weeks Through Facebook

Property investment is very competitive. But when you see an opportunity, you have to jump on it. Shane Robson has had a long relationship with the Navy and now helps them invest their hard earned cash in property so they can be more financially free. Even better… retire early.

We needed to increase the engagement and conversion rate so we made this video for Shane:

If you want to see the landing page we created that is getting 20% conversion

That’s why entrepreneur Shane came to us and said he booked a swanky room in Sydney to hold a property seminar open to anyone in the Navy. He has been in the game a long time but has only just started his business so he had no website, no way to capture people’s details and wondered how to get in front of that audience quickly.

We got straight to work on a digital strategy to get bums on seats:

  • We set up a website
  • A high converting squeeze page
  • Mail Chimp for email marketing
  • Shot a video of him explaining his services and….

Within 2 weeks he had an email database of 200 and 40 spots booked.

Media Junkies + Facebook = Hundreds of Email Subscribers, Fast.

+ We can target anyone in the Navy, living near the the Navy base in Sydney and direct them straight to his landing page!

His first landing page was built and combined with a Facebook ad campaign. He put plenty of care and creativity into his messaging, but beyond that, it wasn’t a resource-intensive campaign.

“In the period of a few months, I built my list from 0 to thousands with Media Junkies.” – Shane Robson

Robson and Robson still has plenty of room to grow, but now the company has more than 1,300 leads on it’s list and an expanding customer base to call it’s own. He’s excited to start testing more marketing tools through Media Junkies and we’re excited to help transform his business.

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