How we made $40,000 profit in a month selling eBooks

We sold over $40,000 of eBooks with a Facebook ad spend of only $6,000

Objective: To see eBooks with a 50% sale on all bundles. We integrated Infusionsoft, verified her profile and changed her to a public figure to increase reach.

Post Ad: We had a 4368 engagement with the sale post (ad). These are very impressive results and a huge profit. .05c per click, 140,000 impressions, 12,500 clicks. 9% click through. 107,000 reach, I calculated this generated $8,000 in eBook sales alone. What next?

Ebooks-download30 Days:
The first month is hugely important testing the audiences and working out what the Cost Per Conversion is. Not only did we target the web traffic we also successfully achieved a low cost per sale to cold audiences who don’t even know who they were. This increased the email database, increases the traffic  and hence increases sales. The first 3 days the cost per sales was only $1.30 for a $47.98 ebook sale.

From the Facebook ads. The sales came directly from the conversion tracking code on the ads so we can report back on a daily basis. You can track this in the Facebook ads manager. Ask us how we can set this up for you and assign agencies to work on your account.

Over the 4 weeks campaign
268 @ $47.95 = $12,858
Boost 70%: Reach of 68,000, 3000 Clicks. This has no tracking code but conservative is 200 sales = $9,000

Total Reach was 173,500 from the Facebook ads only. 11,000 clicks. We tested the USA market, and grew likes by 2200.

Total Spend: $6000

Total sales from the Facebook ads: $41,858 (smashed our $15,000 target)

These are amazing results. We plan to expand this to the USA as the market is much bigger and we can use the custom audiences that we created.

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