Instagram Releases Advertising API

Marketers were stunned this week when Instagram decided to open it’s advertising Application Programming Interface (API).

The Facebook owned photo-sharing app initially opened its API to a restricted number of big-name partners: Kenshoo, Hootsuite, Brand Networks, Salesforce, Marketing Cloud, Unified, SocialCode, 4C, Nanigans, and Ampush.

But Instagram have signaled their intention to open the process to more partners soon.

The move has several enormous benefits for online marketing:

  • It will enable advertisers to buy Instagram ads the way they do across other social channels. These ads have the potential to reach 300 million potential customers via mobile apps.
  • Access to Instagram ads will enable comprehensive and integrated online campaigns across all social media channels.
  • Advertising teams will be able to accurately and instantly gauge market reaction and advertising efficacy on all major social media platforms.
  • With the extended reach provided by Instagram ads, existing Facebook campaigns can be crafted to reach customers in a variety of ways. Advertisers can now build applications to appeal to their target audiences with even greater precision.

“Instagram’s API is the final piece of the puzzle,” said George Pappas, campaign director for the social agency G Squared, “(it) now allows social ads, community management, and publishing content to all occur under the one framework.”

The opening of its advertising API is the latest move by Instagram in its efforts to improve targeted client marketing. In June Instagram opened its network by adding a click-to-buy function. Not only did this streamline sales, but it provided meaningful feedback to advertisers. Campaigns and advertising could be measured for their efficiency and changes tracked for their value to the client.

The move to open its API to partner advertisers, as stated above, is stunning.

Industry experts expect it to generate huge revenues for its owner, Facebook, while Instagram is expected to eclipse its competition in the photo-sharing segment of the market.

Instagram was said to have generated $595 million in 2014 – in global mobile and advertising revenue. With this week’s announcement experts are predicting these profits to climb almost vertically to around $2.39 billion in 2017 – exceeding the profits of both Google and Twitter.

Kenshoo was one of the first businesses to partner with Instagram. Its managing director, Yukihiko Imamura has been impressed with the results:

“Our integration with Instagram makes high-value mobile advertising inventory accessible to more advertisers. The mobile audience on Instagram is significant and brands want to place their brand messages in front of this engaged audience.”

Chief operating officer for Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, said the social media giant intends to open up more ad inventory for marketers, as well as improved formats for audience targeting.

The introduction of an option to buy ads through third-party sellers is already well-known. What took everyone by surprise was Sandberg saying, “Our highest focus is on the consumer experience on Instagram.”

For businesses wanting access to this massive market, the race is on to find more partner marketers with Instagram.

Marketers partnering with Instagram will be able to offer their clients unparalleled brand awareness. This brand awareness is likely to secure markets and leverage profits crucial to sustaining the client’s business for decades.

Digital Junkies are proud to be partnering with Instagram. We are pleased to offer our clients the advertising scope, power, and value this opportunity affords, and we’re thrilled to be able to do it now.

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