Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Which Social Media Channel Is Right for Your Restaurant?

There are many different strategies and tactics we can bring to the table in making your social media marketing a success. As much as the food differs from restaurant to restaurant, it also differs in the way we market them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Vine, Pinterest and TripAdvisor. The most popular social media channels for restaurants are still Facebook and Instagram. Here’s a quick summary why:


Facebook offers a great opportunity to establish a social connection with your guests. With advanced Facebook advertising techniques you can reconnect to past customers and acquire new ones. Facebook is a place where people hang out most these days. They connect with friends and families and coordinate where they want to meet up in real life. They also follow restaurants to find out about exclusive offers and deals. This is your Segway to market what you have on offer. Depending on how popular your restaurant is on Facebook currently, we recommend a post frequency of 3 posts per week in conjunction with advanced Facebook advertising campaigns. That sounds too much for your restaurant manager to handle? Then it’s time to hand it over to the experts from Media Junkies and let us get the job done for you.


Instagram offers a seamless integration with Facebook, and is a place to view and share images. It comes by no surprise that lots of people share pictures of food here – either food they are consuming at the time or would like to try. This is your chance to shine with high quality food imagery from your restaurant’s menu. You can also give incentives to customers to share their own pictures within the Instagram community by tagging your restaurant in their posts. This is how things go viral these days. To get good traction on Instagram you need to post daily, or if possible even 2-3 times a day. Sounds exhausting? Maybe – but not for our Instagram team at Media Junkies. Simply Google Instagram Marketing and you will see that we are the number one agency in the country for Instagram marketing for restaurants.


Measuring Social Media Results for Restaurants

Although many restaurant owners and managers know about the importance of social media, there is a lack of understanding on how to measure results from social media marketing activities.

Not the clients of Media Junkies though. We work with the world’s most advanced suite of software which tracks every digital step we take and produces comprehensive reports for all of our restaurant clients. We also have an Australian account manager assigned to each restaurant to translate the results we achieve into plain English. Depending on the social media pack the restaurant chooses with Media Junkies, the restaurant manager will also receive a 30 minute strategy call per month from one of our social media experts to advise on future moves.

Depending on the objective a restaurant will set, there are different ways on how to measure social media results immediately. We’ve run social advertising campaigns in the past which we needed to stop after only a couple of hours because the response of the online community was overwhelming. For example, we’ve run a Facebook offer for a Gold Coast based restaurant, which we had to take down after only 2 hours because the restaurant’s capacity had been reached. More than 100 people had claimed the offer and as this is the maximum seating capacity of the restaurant, we found it was only logical to stop the campaign. The restaurant owners were as you can imagine super happy, because we only spent $20 on the whole campaign (although we had calculated to spend at least $100 on it). The campaign brought them 100 new customers. Pretty good return of investment, don’t you think?


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