Ways To Automate Business in 2017

It’s 2017 and most small businesses are already automating their processes. Automation saves time by doing away with repeated and time-consuming tasks. It also saves money one would spend on bookkeeping and marketing.

Here are tools that you should be taking advantage of in order to run your businesses efficiently:

  1. Bookly

What is it for – Small business bookkeeping and accounting

In a survey of 500 US small business owners, bookkeeping came up as the most dreaded task. If, life them, bookkeeping doesn’t excite you, then you would be thankful for Bookly.

Bookly is 100% US-based and the data you feed it is read-only; i.e., the accountants cannot touch your money. For a short period of 30 minutes, you can sync all your business accounts with Bookly’s software. Then, a team of accountants will do the work for you remotely.

There are other accounting solutions available and Bookly’s edge of them is its ability to provide real-time financial reports. All you need to do it sign into the Bookly dashboard.

If you’re in the fence about online bookkeeping, you can get a free online demo where an accountant will walk you through the process. Then, you can get a free 30-day trial of Bookly at no risk. If you sign up, the starting cost will be $99 per month.

     2. IFTTT (If This, Then That)

What is it for – Applications

IFTTT integrates with lots of services you may already be using like Instagram Marketing, iOS contacts, MailChimp, Alexa and Spotify. It allows you to create a chain of commands with the services and apps such as:

  • Turn your Instagram posts into Tweets
  • Save photos you are tagged in into Dropbox
  • Put your Android phone on silent mode during bedtime
  • Add new iOS contacts to Google contacts
  • Automatically have desired information/news send to your reading list.

To help you start with IFTTT, browse the popular applets section to find the workflows that users have already selected. From this, you can have an idea on how to create your own workflows. Oh, by the way, IFTTT is free.

        3. Da Vinci Virtual

What is it for – Administrative duties

Da Vinci Virtual lets you create a virtual office by automating your web chat and receptionist service. If you’re on vacation or having a meeting, Da Vinci Virtual will man your front desk.

Before buying Da Vinci Virtual, check the discounts they provide based on product/location. Price starts at $59 per month.

      4. Google Alerts

What is it for – Market research

Using Google Alerts is like having an automated research assistant. If keeps you updated on whatever topic you want. Simply put in the phrases and topics of your choice and Google will send you an email whenever any news about your topic comes up. Do you want to know what the people are saying about your business? What about the latest trend in your market? Is your competitor coming up with some new products? Google Alerts can keep you abreast of these things.

Google Alerts can be perceived as spammy so make sure to fix your filter settings. Also, do not put in vague topics like “restaurants.” Try to be specific to your niche and competition. Put in “Mexican restaurants” to get more pertinent alerts.

     5. Infusionsoft

What is it for – Sales plus marketing plus lead management – Total Marketng Automation

Infusionsoft allows you to manage your leads and build campaigns seamlessly. Yes, it can combine all your marketing tasks in one central hub. Here are some of the tasks that Infusionsoft can do for you:

  • Send personalized communication to your each of your contacts.
  • Trigger actions like calls and email based on contact behavior.
  • Assign a lead source to each website visitor.
  • Track visitor action from the first time they visited your page up to their latest purchase.
  • Capture and calculate user behavior metrics.

If you head out to Infusionsoft’s Customer Success Stories section, you will have an idea on how other business owners rely on this tool in running their marketing efforts. From here, you can picture how Infusionsoft will help yours. BARND NEW! Infusionsoft’s cost starts at $130 per month.

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