What does the new Facebook feature mean for Your Business?

Over the last couple of months, many businesses were spewing about the Facebook newsfeed algorithm in January, which decreased organic reach for content in user’s newsfeed. Essentially the reach has dropped down a maximum of 20% for brand pages based on that update and if you have more than 100k fans then the organic reach could be as low as 2.5%.

The only way to get around this decreasing organic reach is to run sophisticated social ads. We, as a social media agency, have run many campaigns for various clients across all major industries in Australia over the past 8 months and we are amazed by the Facebook ad capabilities. However, we understand that many brands put a lot of money, time and energy in building their audiences on Facebook and they find it unfair that their content is not getting through to their target audience.

Facebook has listened too and is rolling out a new feature called ‘See First’ which gives control back to the user who can now choose if they are really interested in a brand’s post.
When a user/fan chooses the ‘See First’ option they train Facebook’s algorithm and force the chosen brand content into their own newsfeed. Users can select friends and pages they want see first, at the top of their News Feed.

The easiest way to play with the new ’See First’’ Feature is via the mobile app.

Click on the ‘‘More’’ button at the bottom right in the Main Menu then select “News Feed Preferences.”


That will take you to this new, bright and happy crab who wants to give you control of your News Feed…

see first Facebook

Click the first option for “Prioritize who to see first.”

See First Feature Facebook

Then you go through and select any of the friends or pages you want to see at the top of your News Feed.

Going back to your personal Facebook you will see the chosen friend’s and brand’s content first in your News Feed.

Again, Facebook has put the ball back into your courtyard as it’s now up to you to convince your fans to select the ‘See First’ feature to ensure they can see your content.

We are excited to monitor what it will change for brands in regards to organic reach.

What do you think? Will it impact the way you run your Facebook marketing?

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