January 21

What’s Trending Online in Australia This Week

Most Interesting Stories Trending on the Net in Australia

Killing Indigenous Australians is not a game! Petition


Screen shots show players pointing weapons at men with spears and comments about “killing Aborigines”. Later players can be seen standing over a body after bashing it with two sticks.

The game is rated 12+ by Apple and was released last month, costing $4.49.

An online petition launched on Friday evening and 86,376 supporters signed the petition on change.org to date.

The petition was successful and Apple has removed the game from the iTunes store.

Communications minister Mitch Fifield has asked his department to investigate the circumstances under which a game that encourages players to beat Aboriginal Australians to death was offered for sale on major online sites.

Bianca Jagger, human rights activist and former wife of Mick Jagger, tweeted that she was shocked by the “despicable” app.


Most Interesting Stories Trending on Facebook


A man in WA thanks police for issuing fine for not wearing a helmet as it saved his life later the same day 

It’s not every day that the police are thanked for issuing someone with a $550 fine and 8 demerit points.

Earlier this month Broome Police observes a man riding a scooter without his helmet fastened.  He was issued an infringement and educated on the importance of having his helmet securely fastened at all times.

Later that same day Broome Police attended a crash, where the same man had crashed his scooter into the barrier of a roundabout and “went flying”. He broke his shoulder blade, but thankfully his helmet was securely fastened.

The following day the man wrote a letter to thank the Broome Police for their professionalism and saving his life. Stating, “I have no doubt if I didn’t get fined in the morning I would now have head injuries.”

17,624 likes / 825 shares on https://www.facebook.com/WA.Police/

Trending on Instagram Last 24 Hours Gold Coast


Meet the Gold Coaster covered in Simpsons tattoos

An Instagram account set up by a Gold Coast man and featuring photos of Simpsons-inspired tattoos has reached more than 90,000 followers.

Cameron Baker started The Simpsons Tattoo Instagram account after a joke with his friends. “I got the first tattoo for myself … and I started the page as some of my mates had them too.”

Despite having 12 Simpsons tattoos, Mr Baker was not allowed to watch The Simpsons when he was a child.

Mr Baker also runs a Facebook page about Simpsons tattoos, and a website where visitors can upload photos of their tattoos.

Some very obscure tattoos can be seen there. My favourtie:  Bart as David Bowie

thesimpsonstattoo Gold Coast

Most Viral Story of the Week Globally

Adele Carpool Karaoke

40,468,378  views (published on Jan 13, 2016)

While home in London for the holidays, James Corden picks up his friend Adele for a drive around the city singing some of her classic songs before Adele raps Nicki Minaj’s “Monster” and Spice Girls ‘Wannabe’.

Many celebrities have sat alongside James Corden for a round of Carpool Karaoke but no one (not even Justin Bieber, Miriah Carey, Rod Stewart or a member of One Direction has made an impact quite as strong as Adele.

It was so good and has gone viral (they are getting approximately ½ millions views per hour) they are considering making an entire episode of it.

On top, it has boosted sales of Adele’s latest album by record-breaking by 50%.

Most Viral Story of the Week in Australia

Sarah Blasko covers David Bowie ‘Life On Mars’ for triple j’s Like A Version

Blasko, singer songwriter, producer and ARIA Award for best female artist.

Sarah Blasko’s cover of David Bowie’s “Life on Mars” is getting a lot of love on social media right now, and for good reason.

Triple J’s “Like A Version,” is a regular segment where notable artists are invited into the studio to cover a favourite. Blasko smashed out the first Like a Version of 2016 and it will be hard to top.

278,337 views (published Jan, 14, 2016) – they get 3-5k views per hour


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