Why infusionsoft is right for Lawyers

Infusionsoft made this funny video that relates to Lawyers and other professionals.

There are some really beneficial ways that a law firm could use a fully functioned CRM solution. Ensuring your client database is kept up–to-date and fresh is essential for running a successful business.

A simple CRM system will do the job on a basic level, but just how far could the advanced automated follow-up capabilities of Infusionsoft take your business?

One of the key issues with professional service businesses such as lawyers is how do you deliver valuable content to a variety of clients with varying issues and needs. Depending on the practice, you could be dealing with estate planning, traffic violations, criminal cases, tax issues, and on and on. It would be a full time job for someone to set up and implement a system that will automatically send the correctly targeted information, to the right people exactly when they need it.

Segmenting Your Leads

The only solution is by appropriately tagging and segmenting your leads. By monitoring your incoming leads closely, you can apply relevant tags that automatically segment your leads into groups that address their specific needs. So, leads that come to you for a traffic violation, could benefit from receiving a specific follow up sequence that details all that they need to know about topics such as; points on their drivers license, how to dress for court, information about their vehicle and the incident and what is happening on their case.

By segmenting these leads at the very beginning, you can save yourself serious time sorting through your leads at the back end. You’ll have the piece of mind that the right information is automatically being sent to the right people!

Just as importantly, this also allows for you to automate your internal processes. As an example lets take your on-boarding procedures for when a new client visits your office. As your client signs the original welcome packet, your assistant can enter their information into your Infusionsoft system so that the new client welcome sequence is triggered. The client will receive a friendly email welcoming them to your practice, followed by a questionnaire and instructions on what to do next.

Now this is where the power of automation really gets smart. In a perfect world, the client would promptly fill out the information and return it to your office. However, in this busy world, we know this isn’t the case. So, what happens if your new client forgets about the email? We can automatically trigger a reminder email to the client that sends a few days after the initial meeting, as well as issuing a task reminder to your assistant asking them to reach out to your new client via phone.

Streamlining Your Follow Up Process

It doesn’t stop there, we can automate all of the next steps of the process: setting up an appointment for your new client to come back into the office, tasks for your assistant to generate all of the appropriate legal documents required or booking a call back etc. If you are feeling generous, why not reward your excellent new client, by using a service to send out a free gift such as a USB stick  automatically once they have completed their assigned tasks. What an impression receiving USB stick in the mail would make – they will think you are the best law firm ever.

Round off the sequence by sending out requests for testimonials and referrals, annual follow-ups and more – yes you guessed it, all automatically!

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