October 23

Google is everywhere! Keen to get Tricks, Tips and Secrets?

Google is everywhere!

Gmail, calendars and YouTube are on our computers at home and at work, Google Android is in our pockets as we walk around, or on the tablets we use on the train, It is even on some of our televisions with ChromeCast.

We don’t search for things any more, we “Google it” and when we want someone to email us, we tell them to “Gmail me”. If you want directions, Google Maps can help us find any location in seconds. But did you know that you can also use Google to explore the earth, build yourself a blog, plan your week and even earn money from your website?

Are you making the most of what these powerful free tools for yourself or your business?

Show your interest and sign up to a 2 month Google Course here.

oh.. did I mention it is FREE?

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