November 6

Conscious Marketing – Why It Matters to Your Business

“We are not human beings having Spiritual experiences. We are Spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin –

Few would argue with Chardin’s profound statement but the question is: How can you tap into the potential of your Spirit in your role as a business owner?

With our blog post serious about Conscious Marketing, we want to give you an uncommon resource that shows you how to enhance your effectiveness by integrating spirituality into your professional interactions with clients.

According to one of our favourite authors in the field of Conscious Marketing and Coaching, author Terri-E Belf, this new form of client interaction can breathe new life into your marketing style. There are three goals you want to achieve if you become serious about combining spirituality and marketing:

  1. Connection – increase connection with yourself, your client, and the whole
  2. Present – be fully available in the present moment
  3. Responsible – able to respond and be accountable for your choices

With our blog post series, we would like to show you how to develop intuitive aspects of your marketing style as well as to increase your awareness as an integrative and creative marketer to allow your and your client’s success to emerge.


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