November 19

Facebook and Google Dominate Social Logins

Following our every Move

Facebook and Google are following us wherever we go on the internet. Even when we want to login to other, 3rd party websites.

What sounds practical on the one hand as we don’t need to create another password that we will forget eventually, is scary on the other hand in regards to privacy concerns.

However, the adoption of social login services is rising as internet users are tired of filling out long registration forms from scratch in which cases the ability to use an existing login comes as a welcome facilitation.

According to Janrain, a provider of social login solutions, 90% of online consumers have encountered social login before and more than half have those are actively using it!

Did you know that you can offer social logins on your eCommerce site,too? Instead of asking your online consumers to create a user account manually, you can offer them to simple register on your webshop via Facebook, Twitter & co.

Social Logins

Do you have an online shop yet and want to know how to set up social logins? Contact the Digital Junkies team today on 07 30 40 12 27 and we will tell you how.


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