Media Junkies: The One Stop Digital Marketing Shop

Last week, the Media Junkies headquarters at Varsity Lakes became a buzzing hive of activity as we coordinated a full-day video shoot for one of our favourite clients.

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Don’t get us wrong – there’s always something happening here. When we’re not busy designing websites, managing someone’s social media or playing ping-pong, then we get heavily involved behind the scenes for our clients.

The process began a week earlier, with scripts written and tweaked by Alex, our resident wordsmith. We take care of everything in-house with a very hands-on approach, working on the subtleties and making sure the client is perfectly represented as suits their desired image.

Joe and Sonja, captains of the Media Junkies’ digital ship, strategised with the client before transforming the office into a complete studio. Over a nine-hour period, we ran 16 talented actors through their paces, filming testimonials under the instruction of two top-notch local directors, coaching and motivating the acting team to produce their best possible performances.






Multiple cameras, lots of lights, and plenty of action. The results were outstanding – a digital heap of great raw material and performances in order to move onto the next stage of production.

We also take care of all post-production in-house, with Joe adding the digital finishing touches and flourishes that are the mark of a quality digital marketing package. The client will soon receive a final digital package.

Media Junkies do so much more than manage social media. We can arrange every stage of your shoot, hiring actors, providing sound and camera teams, direction and proven content.

Media Junkies is a genuine one-stop digital marketing shop. We encourage you to come and see what we can do for your business today; the possibilities are endless.