Running a childcare center can be one of the most profitable businesses due to high demand – everyone needs to enroll their kids somewhere! Back in 2017, the number of women choosing to stay in the workforce rather than stay at home grew by over 12%! This number continues to go up as employers offer flexible

Give Your Childcare Center The Edge It Needs With Digital Marketing

In order to thrive, your business needs a reliable way to approach customers and build a relationship. This is exactly what a CRM Software (Customer Relationship Management) does for you. It involves collecting customer data and analyzing it. This data is then used by the CRM software to build better relationships with your customers that

Essential Features of a CRM

 Within the C-Suite exist two of the great pillars of corporate success—the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). Traditionally the CFO has been perceived as the somewhat more conservative ‘older brother’ to his counterpart the CMO; the more creative and eccentric one of the ‘family’. At times diametrically opposed in their

CFO and CMO: A Likely Collaboration?

As you may have guessed, these are not normal times we’re living in! But, unusual times (thankfully) open up unique opportunities to set yourself apart from your competition and use the holiday season to boost sales.Although the competition gets higher and restricted tracking scripts make it harder to get results, there are plenty of ways

Christmas and holiday season marketing ideas – are you ready?

Google is trying to get people to shop more Whenever Google introduces new ways to shop, we see new ways to get sales. In a blog post, the company announced several changes to make it easier to answer the question: “What products are in that pic?” Namely: iOS users will now notice a button in

What is the “in-stock” filter Google is adding?

Everyone relies on search engines to find information—including your customers. Whether you’ve organized a productive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy or not, you’ve likely daydreamed about being the featured top-ranked result on one of Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). We all have. It’s not unrealistic to want that. You can achieve it. Likely, your

How to Outrank Competitors