Everyone relies on search engines to find information—including your customers. Whether you’ve organized a productive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy or not, you’ve likely daydreamed about being the featured top-ranked result on one of Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). We all have. It’s not unrealistic to want that. You can achieve it. Likely, your competitors

How to Outrank Competitors

The internet has not only made a lasting impact on our lives, but it has also changed the way we do nearly everything. Notably, it has changed how advertising is done. Online advertising is valued at more than 400 billion dollars a year, making it even more valuable than TV ads.The COVID-19 pandemic has increased

How SEO is changing in 2021

The iOS tracking update, slated for early 2021, is going to have a massive impact on the world of advertising.The iOS 14 update requires all apps to explicitly ask for permission to gather data and track users across mobile apps and websites. This includes Facebook’s app, and it impacts Facebook ads conversion attribution, (re)targeting audiences,

How Apple’s iOS 14 Tracking Update is seriously Impacting Businesses Advertising on Facebook