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Imagine focusing on your zone of genius while we unleash a flood of clients straight to your door!

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What if we told you... We'll build your Facebook™ ad campaigns and deliver you with clients - if we don't, 

We live and Breathe Facebook Advertising & Marketing.

Count on us to give you a dynamic Facebook presence that sets you apart from the crowd and creates customers. Our expertise, experience, and proven process makes our complete Facebook advertising & marketing service in Gold Coast, Brisbane, & Sydney, Australia the best choice.

When you do the smart thing and hire Digital Junkies, you get:

  • Professional Facebook designers at your service
  • A team of experts with top-notch tools
  • Amazing custom content
  • Your content distributed through the most effective media channels
  • A detailed monthly report

Why let us run your Facebook ads?

Businesses that execute their own Facebook advertising & marketing campaigns spend about 8 hours per day working on them.

That’s 8 hours too many. Plus, you’re not guaranteed results. So why wouldn’t you put Digital Junkies in the driver’s seat?

We’re master Facebook marketers, and we’re here to give every business still handling their social media in-house an extra 8 hours to focus on what they do best - which probably isn’t Facebook marketing, huh?

As we say, Facebook is our forte. Let us prove it. Why Bother with Facebook Marketing?

Besides providing an enormous platform to meet customers and make sales, some other Facebook advertising incentives include:

  • You can use it as a customer service/support channel
  • It is highly interactive
  • Facebook “likes” create buzz for your business or service
  • It puts you in touch with a large untapped market as well as existing clients
  • You can use it as a way to learn about your audience
  • It’s a great tool to build brand loyalty
  • It features budget friendly ads

Social Media (Facebook Advertising) has drastically changed in 2023! Not to mention AI!

What it means for your business:

One of the main reasons people go to Facebook is to see what’s happening in their News Feeds. Their goal with the news feed has always been to show people the things they want to see. When people see content that’s relevant to them, they’re more likely to be engaged with News Feed, including stories from your businesses.

What many businesses may not realise is that pages are an important destination for their current and potential customers. In October, for instance, nearly 2 billion people visited Facebook Pages. Of those visits, more than 900 million happened on mobile devices. Many businesses also use pages as a customer service channel. Businesses should think about their page as a cornerstone of their online identity, not simply as a publishing service. The businesses that are doing this well understand the discovery and communication that happens when people come to their Page.

What does this mean? It means you can get even more value if you have a "Pay Per Click Strategy" for your business. Facebook wont openly say this but essentially if you want to use Facebook for your business you need to pay a CPC.

Grow your business with proven,  advanced digital campaigns... FAST

Your business is unique. We look deep into your digital assets and deploy advance ad strategies. Case-studies Facebook Ads: 

Le Gear:


e-Commerce sales

Starting at



Over 12 months

Other Services: Adwords, SEO, CRO

Little Kippins:

ROAS 7.2

e-Commerce sales


Monthly sales


Top 3 key words

Other Services: Adwords and SEO



e-Commerce sales


VIP Member Join


Over 3 months

Other Services: Facebook Ads

The SUP Desk:


e-Commerce sales


$50,000 in sales


Over 12 months

Other Services: Web page design, SEO, Adwords, CRO

Little Scholars:


Occupancy Rates


Monthly Leads


The cost per lead

Other Services: Web design, SEO, CRO,

Australian Tanks:


New quotes per month


Monthly Leads


The cost per lead 

Other Services: Web design, SEO, CRO,



e-Commerce sales


Monthly sales


The cost per lead

Other Services: Web design, SEO, CRO

Quality Powerhouse:


The phone leads p/m


The cost per click


SEO Keywords at #1

Other Services: Landing page design, SEO, CRO

Riverstone VETS:


Leads in first 2 weeks


Clients in month 1

Other Services: Google, Facebook, SEO and CRM.

AES 24/7 VETS:


Per phone lead

Over 50

Key words on page 1

Other Services: Infusionsoft


Reputation SEO

Cleaned over 100 positions


Cost per click

Other Services: Landing page design, SEO, CRO, Infusionsoft



Cost per click


For leads per month

Other Services: Web Design design, SEO, CRO, Adworfds

Facebook ads our team has worked on in 2018

Surf Stitch:


Black Friday Campaign


From previous campaign

Other Services: 

Sophie Guidelin


e-Book Sales


ebook sales in 1 month

Other Services: Infusionsoft

3D Printer Lab



$5000 Sales

In the first month

Other Services: Infusionsoft

003 speak


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