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Commonwealth Games Just Around the Corner: Is Your Business Ready?

From the 4–15 April 2018, the Gold Coast will host the 21st Commonwealth Games. The event is undoubtedly the most momentous occasion the City of Gold Coast has ever participated in. There are 1.2 million

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Why Big Agencies & Brands Should Hire Small Agencies

Larger agencies or brands want to be known for being leaders and innovative in their field of business, although often through the constrains of being a big business – lengthy approval processes,

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We Are Hiring – Digital Marketing Person

Digital Marketing Person We think Media Junkies is probably the one of the most progressive and exciting boutique digital agency’s around. We’ve passed the two-year mark and have firmly established

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Productivity Multi-tasking

I am that type of girl who has 24 tabs open and no idea what time it is. When I look up from my screen, it’s lunch time. Next thing I remember it is time to go home. My mind runs 100 miles and hour

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Media Junkies: The One Stop Digital Marketing Shop

Last week, the Media Junkies headquarters at Varsity Lakes became a buzzing hive of activity as we coordinated a full-day video shoot for one of our favourite clients. Don’t get us wrong – there’s

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Optimise your conversion rates – You will be very surprised with how easy it is!

Optimise  your online marketing strategy to maximise your conversion rate When you set up a Google adwords account you can select a Google number so you can track the call conversion but did you know

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