Mini Vet Guide - Dr Gerado Poli


When published author and veterinary surgeon Dr. Poli approached ​us, little did he know how successfully his book would sell outside of Australia, and just how much his profile would take off worldwide. In just 8 month, ​our ​team got his book launched worldwide and set him up as the new global authority in veterinary emergency and critical care.

  • Create a high converting e-commerce store and increased sales by 400%
  • Re-brand, design and introduced conversion rate optimization strategy
  • ​Increased organic Facebook reach to 65,000
  • Sold thousands of books as a result ​digital campaigns
  • Ongoing ​lead generation

How it started?

Dr Gerardo Poli is a Director of Animal Emergency Services, Veterinary Surgeon & Author of The MiniVet Guide to Companion Animal Medicine – a small easily portable complete reference guide designed for Veterinary Students, Graduates and established Veterinarians.

Gerardo chose to work with ​Digital Junkies due to our already established connections and positive reputation within the pet and vet market. He knew we could hit the ground running and he wanted to utilise our in-house expertise and resources to take his book into a global market.

What did we do?

We didn’t waste any time in order to develop Gerardo’s brand globally we:

  • Worked closely with him to understand his exact target market and what had worked well domestically 
  • Completed industry market research – where there any similar books already in the market and what were they like? 
  • Built an email database of veterinary students societies and communication teams
  • Created an email sequence campaign introducing the book to students
  • Redesigned book cover to have a fresher and more eye catching feel 
  • Redeveloped his website to include advanced SEO optimisation, together with adding a blog, testimonials and a more manageable payment method
  • Rebranded his logo / corporate identity 
  • Set up a CRM system including audience segmentation and marketing automation
  • Created a ​digital profile to build personal brand and digital authority 
  • Worked with Gerardo on the production of exciting and topical content of blogs, videos and imagery to engage audiences 
  • Created an engaging media kit 
  • Designed posters, flyers and bookmarks to support promotions

What did we achieve?

  • Prime stall position at the largest student focused veterinary conference in USA
  • A regular guest blogging position with Vet Answers in Australia with the highest click rate compared to other guest bloggers
  • Book of the month at Iowa University
  • His Facebook Fanpage has gone through the roof in regards of engagement with his video on The MiniVet Guide getting 14,000 organic views and an organic post reach of 65,000
  • Exhibition space at SPVS Seminar for final year veterinary students in UK
  • New website increased online sales by 400%
  • Floods of “knockout” reviews and testimonials for Gerardo and his book
  • Book review in Vet Times in UK for printed magazine circulated to 20,000 people
  • Weekly column in Vet Times, UK
  • 10 Universities in USA selling the MiniVet Guide on campus
  • Invitation to speak at the London Vet Show
  • News feature about UK launch in Vet Times online
  • 5 Universities in UK selling the MiniVet Guide on campus
  • Offer of speaking role at 2016 ACVS Surgery Summit in USA
  • Offer from Worldwide Veterinary Service in UK to partner and sell the book
  • Agreement with World Vets Organisation in USA to use the MiniVet Guide in their Training Centers
  • Offer from Independent Vet Care to partner with the MiniVet Guide
  • Gerardo’s surgery videos featured on Veterinary Medicine Videos Facebook page with 180,000 unique views

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