Using a Positive Mindset

We know that a positive mindset has a positive effect on our health in many ways:

Positive mindset makes us feel confident, that we will be able to master upcoming challenges in our lives. It enables us to keep calm and make good choices that are based on sense rather than fear. Being calm keeps our blood pressure healthy, which reduces our risk of cardiovascular disease and increases our life span. Our immune system works better and we can resist bacteria and viruses more easily.

So just think positive and all is good?

Life is not always that simple and what shall we do when negative self-talk and fears seem to keep spinning in our heads like an implant we don’t know how to overcome? What if our brains and belief systems reject our positive affirmations?   We need to be aware that we can be exposed to substances or organisms that affect our feelings and even thinking. For example: Toxins: Lead in the body can cause depression while mercury toxicity can be linked to depression, anxiety and anger. Viruses can perform changes of some neurotransmitters in the brain. Fungal infections can make us experience mood swings and nervous irritability. Bacteria in the gut can also influence behaviour. The pH level when the body is too acidic (below 7 pH) makes us feel uncomfortable and get grumpy easily.


There are many external factors that influence our thinking.  It is important that we regularly detox ourselves effectively and stay away from mercury tooth fillings. We need food and drinks that keep our pH level within a healthy range and our gut bacteria in balance. And when our body is healthy, our mind can take us in a positive direction.

Take care

Birgit Skorka. Health Care Professional for Energy Healing and Information Medicine

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