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Social media has changed the way we look at digital marketing. The ability to reach the exact target market has never been so powerful.

Social media marketing is an effective and cost effective way to promote and grow any business. But.. it has to be done effectively and efficiently otherwise you are just throwing your marketing dollars away.  Facebook has become so complex that the ability to obtain amazing results is completely achievable, but only if you know how. We are looking at some cost per conversions as low as $1.80 for a $500 product.

Our unique formula

Our clients are increasing monthly sales by 20-2000%

Case Study

A client spent $2443.58 on Facebook Ads and made $38,650.25 in 2 months. That's over 1500% return.

How can we deliver these results?

We only take on projects where we know we can create incredible results. It takes hard work, so we love clients who are willing to put in as much effort as we are in the beginning to ensure the best possible outcomes. Sometimes with the right criteria we can get these results from day one, other businesses may take some extra work. But the main point is; at the very start it has to be a two-way street, then with the solid foundation in place, we can take over and you can do what you do best - run your business!

We have a program where you pay commission only.

Content creation

Media Junkies will optimise your Facebook strategy so you get the most amount of leads and increase your ROI like never before.

Starter Facebook Pack

Serious Facebook Pack

Facebook Best Value

High Impact 4 Channels

Includes Facebook Ad Budget

Facebook Posts Per Week





Content Production & Distribution


Custom Cover Image Design

Real-Time Brand Monitoring

Account Manager

Comprehensive Reporting

1 Hour Strategy Session

1 Hour Per Month via Skype

Includes Instagram - 7 Posts Per Week

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+

$550 per month

$700 per month

$1200 per month

$2400 per month

Facebook Marketing - Management of Media Spend

Manage your own content and get the lead generation experts to drive traffic and conversions on your website.

Likes & Clicks

Campaign Basic

Expert Facebook

Ads Manager

Expert Facebook Ads

+ eCommerce

Expert Facebook Ads


This is for likes and clicks to your website only.

Doesn’t Include Facebook Ad Budget.

Facebook will charge your credit card directly.

With this package will manage up to $3,000 Ad budget

Doesn’t Include Facebook Ad Budget.

Facebook will charge your credit card directly.

With this package will manage up to $5,000 Ad budget + eCommerce

Doesn’t Include Facebook Ad Budget.

Facebook will charge your credit card directly.

With this package will manage ANY ADS BUDGET

Graphic design on high converting image ads

Find and research the target audiences

Monthly research on the insights to increase the conversions

Monthly reports and phone call


Weekly updates via email

Landing page consultation

Set up your remarketing pixels and conversion pixels to track the results, custom audiences, look-a-like audiences, split testing, 3rd party software

$600 per month

$999 per month

$1500 per month


We are delivering Cost Per Sale for as low as 90c

We do it all.

From Facebook to Twitter, we manage the whole shebang so you can focus on what you do best. We organically get you likes, followers, and comments. We even manage Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts. When you’re ready to grow your social media presence, we’re ready. Let the leads flood in.

What we mean to your business.

Billions of people visit Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram everyday. Of those visits, more than 750 million are from mobile devices. The point? You can’t afford not to have a dynamic social media presence. It’s the cornerstone of your online identity.

Custom campaigns + effective digital strategies

​See your ads go t​through the roof