Queenslanders...New digital marketing grant 2022-2023.

Would $5000 make a difference to your business for 2023?

Did you hear about the new grant?

The Queensland Government has just launched the "Small Business Digital Grants Program" What do you get with this new grant?

If you are a small business based in Queensland you could be eligible to have your investment matched dollar for dollar - this will cover most of our services.

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Are you a small business, based in Queensland, and are you interested in increasing your digital presence?

Does your small business have big ideas for your digital marketing, but doesn’t have the budget to match?

Perhaps your small business would benefit from social media training?

Or would you like to increase your online presence?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you are guaranteed to be excited by the latest announcement from the State Government that $6 Million in Small Business Grants are to be made available for Queensland small businesses within the digital sector.

These include Small Business Grants for Digital Marketing, Grants for Social Media, and Grants for Social Media Training.

This is really exciting news for many small businesses in Queensland.


What can you use the grant for?

Digital Marketing | Facebook Marketing | Training and implementation

Government pays for your business to go online.

Unbelievably, up to 55% of small businesses in Queensland aren’t yet online.

Of those that may be online, many haven’t mastered the skills they need in the areas of digital marketing to realise healthy business growth.

Digital marketing and a strong social media presence are important factors in business growth, yet many small businesses lack the skills and the know-how to really make a mark in the digital arena.

Or they may be quite savvy in relation to what is required in digital technologies, but the budget for digital marketing is stretched thin.
What these small businesses need is often expertise and training, as well as possibly updated hardware or software, but that often comes with a price tag that many small businesses just can’t afford.

Small biz grants of up to $10K each

In a bid to assist Queensland small businesses in the area of digital technologies, and to boost the Queensland economy as a result, the State Government is offering small business grants of up to $10,000 each, for small businesses in Queensland.

These includes Grants for Marketing, Grants for Social Media and Grants for Social Media Training.

With these Grants, the Queensland Office of Small Business is aiming to help young businesses grow into thriving, market competitive enterprises that are both profitable and sustainable, as well as solid employers.

The Queensland Office of Small Business.

The Queensland Small Business Grants scheme is part of a $22.7 million project which aims to increase the uptake of digital technologies for small businesses.

Applicant information so far has been that these Grants can be used to “get online”, “get ahead online” or “get online marketing skills”.

The Grants can be used to purchase hardware, software, digital services, and / or digital training.

Digital Junkies can help your business to secure this loan.

The Grants offer incredible opportunities for small businesses in Queensland to make significant changes in their digital processes, without any cost to themselves.

Get in touch with us today and be the first to get in your application.

Take advantage of this incredible offer and let the government pay for your small business digital marketing!

If applying for any of the current Queensland Government business grants is a consideration for your small business, it’s imperative you get your application in as quickly as possible as the new office may change the way Grants are administered and handled.

Our in-house grant writer will assist you with securing your grant! Get in touch now as the competition for this grant will be huge.

Grants of up to $10K will be available on a “dollar-for-dollar” matching scheme.

You can use this grant to “get online”, “get ahead online’ or “get online marketing skills”.

This grant allows you to purchase web design, Infusionsoft, social media marketing, digital strategy, Facebook advertising, and coaching

More grants that might be of interest to your business can be found here.

This new grant might be replacing the Home Based Business Grant as well as the Start-Up Event and Activities Fund

If you’re applying for any of the current Queensland Government business grants, you should get your application in asap as the new office may change how grants administration is handled.