Tips to Social Media Advertisers

“Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer,” said advertising Hall of Famer Shirley Polykoff.

A catchy image gets attention. An intriguing headline creates interest. But it’s good copy that makes the sale.

So are there general principles of good copy? Are there copywriting elements to improve rates of conversion?

Yes, there are.

Media Junkies have identified 4 top tips for writing good copy. Incorporate these into your social media marketing campaign and watch your sales soar

1.    People Power

Testimonials, reviews, user stories, and featured articles are generally perceived as being more reliable than catch-phrases and slogans.

People relate to people; more than they do with brands and products.

Capitalise on this by allowing customers to relate to your product or service through the words, experiences, and smiling images of people.

2.    Ask, Don’t Tell

Browsers can deconstruct the intent of ads within seconds.

More difficult is to deconstruct the intent of questions.

A well-chosen question will engage readers, create discussions, and lead customers into the sales funnel.

Tailor your questions to your target market. Let them sell themselves on the benefits of your product/service.

For example: The ‘Does She… Or Doesn’t She?’ question, created by Shirley Polykoff, took Clairol sales from $25 million to $200 million annually.

3.    Focus on the Customer

Sell the experience/benefit of your product, not the product itself.

Mercedes Benz doesn’t advertise cars – they advertise prestige. Louis Vuitton doesn’t advertise accessories – they advertise glamour. Seiko doesn’t advertise watches – they advertise excitement. These advertised experiences reflect on the products they sell.

If your readers want product information they can Google it. What they can’t Google is how they’ll feel when they buy your product or service. Good copy suggests and arouses these feelings.

4.    Cut Down Thinking Time

Create a sense of urgency and streamline the transaction process.

You want your customers to proceed from seeing to buying in the fewest number of steps.

You know your product is good. So don’t give customers the opportunity to talk themselves out of buying it.

Cut down thinking time by creating a sense of urgency.

Good copy does this with taglines that draw attention to: Sales time limits, constraints on supply, or competition for the product (demand). For instance:

  • Time Limit taglines: ‘For a Limited Time Only’ or ‘Limited Stock.’
  • Supply Constraint taglines: ‘Stocks Running Out Fast’ or ‘Model Discontinued.’
  • Demand taglines: ‘As used by 65% of (target market)’ or ‘As used by Media/Sports star (taste-setters).’

Social media allows you access to your target market. Once you have that access maximise your returns with good copy.

Have people introduce your product; show your business cares by posing a question; understand the ad is about your customer first and your product second; finally, encourage and facilitate the buying process.

Media Junkies are experts in writing engaging copy that converts. Call us to get real results from your online advertising.

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