Ultimate Meta (Facebook) Ads guide for small budgets

Principles-Based Meta Ads Swipe File

We analyzed hundreds of best performing Meta Ads to reveal the top converting strategies in copy, visuals, and marketing angles.

Losing money on Meta Ads wastes your budget. It affects your brand. And it can even affect your reputation as a marketer.

… Which is why knowing how to turn those ads into cash is so important.

And when you know how to do all that with a lean budget?

You look like a Facebook Ads genius.

Unfortunately, many advertisers test demographics and interests, try a lot of different images, and tweak their copy over and over again—and still can’t create a profitable ad.

That’s why we analyzed hundreds of successful Facebook Ads and curated our findings in our latest Stacked Marketer Pro report, “Principles-Based Meta Ads Swipe File.”

We studied Meta Ads that started running in the past six months to identify the winning principles and marketing angles you can swipe for your own ads…

… Then narrowed the report to Facebook pages with fewer than 50,000 followers.


Because companies with tight ad budgets are less likely to throw money at ineffective ads than the big boys with bottomless funds.

We also show you the exact sources. In fact, this may be the only online report that links directly to each ad listed.

You’ll discover:

  • 23 recurring high converting copy principles.
  • Why you should disqualify people from looking at your ad—and how to do it.
  • Irresistible copy templates you can slot into any ad.
  • 10 compelling content marketing angles to use.
  • The highly effective and little-known “verb + phrase” template you’re probably not using.
  • When—and how—to use images on their own.
  • … And much more.

So if you want to swipe proven formulas for your next ad campaign, improve your ROI, use your budget like a careful CFO, and look like a marketing master…

Join Stacked Marketer Pro to get the Principles-Based Meta Ads Swipe File now and create your next winning ad.

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