Why Fan Numbers Mean Nothing

So, you have a couple of social media channels up and running but you are disappointed with the numbers of fans and followers? Well, let us tell you one thing: You shouldn’t. It doesn’t matter if you have one hundred or hundred thousands of fans, as long as you a have genuine relationship with them!

Why is That?

The first rule about social brand presences is that fan and follower numbers mean absolutely nothing. What matters is how many fans and followers can see your status updates and take action.

You might see some Facebook Fanpages with an overwhelming amount of fans and you feel intimidated that your brand / product / service is not quite there yet. Look closer. How many fans hit the like button underneath a post? How many followers leave a comment or are seriously engaged into a discussion? Is there any real engagement? If not, that is a clear indication that something is wrong. Something is fake.

The Problem With Junk Fans

Junk Fans clutter your pages and harm them more than they benefit. Junk fans are accounts with little to no personal status update activity that just go around and ‘Like’ Facebook pages. They’re essentially accounts tied to so called ‘click farms’. Whoever has set up these accounts in the first place gets paid for every Facebook Fanpage they like, or every Twitter account they follow.

In other words, these junk fans are useless to your brand as they are fake as. And fake fans damage the visibility of your posts in Facebook’s algorithms!

What to Do with Fake Fans

If you have decided in the past to ‘buy’ some fake fans or followers in the past, make sure you clean up your account or you have to live with the fact that only a small percentage of your actual fans can see your status updates. How do you do that?

Set a geographical limiter

For some reason, the majority of click farms are located in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. But you will know where you bought your fans from in the first place anyways. So, to get rid of these fake likes, go to your Facebook Insights and set up ‘Country Restrictions’.

Country Restrictions for social media

What will happen is, you basically block everyone who is coming from these countries. This should reduce your follower amount immediately.

If you want to dig deeper into this topic, we highly recommend watching this video here from Veritasium. It’s pretty long but very in-depth in regards to the question on how fake Likes harm page engagement. You can find that at the 4.30 mark in the video.

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