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3 Perfect Ways – How To Tell Better Brand Stories

Branding your business is like playing the dating game: you put yourself out there while trying to woo prospective partners into seeing why they should choose you. When it comes to branding your business,

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Tracking Website Success

Make sure after your website goes live, you install the tracking code and log in to Google Analytics. Check the date that you are receiving. Keep an eye on the traffic. A significant drop in the traffic

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Welcoming Kim De La Haye To Media Junkies

Australians have a long and proud tradition of claiming successful and inspiring Kiwi’s as our own – so let’s welcome Kim to the Media Junkies family! Mild mannered Social Media Jedi by day and super

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Why Fan Numbers Mean Nothing

So, you have a couple of social media channels up and running but you are disappointed with the numbers of fans and followers? Well, let us tell you one thing: You shouldn’t. It doesn’t matter if you

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Business Card Ideas

The first obvious go-to for any creative professional is a business card, but thinking outside of the box will make a huge impact on potential clients. Your business card isn’t just a way to pass along

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Creating a Brand

Things have a life of their own. It’s simply a matter of waking up their souls.

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