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We strive to align our work with brands that raise the vibration on and for our planet


The richest, most nurturing aspect of our experience as sentient beings. Connection adds a second layer of knowledge and understanding to our perception and opens up the possibility for true joy.

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passionate sentient beings, biohackers and health conscious creators sharing our knowledge and techniques to help optimize the quality of your life — beginning with your mind/body connection.

Our journey wouldn't have been as enlightening if it weren't for the special people we crossed paths with. The role models, gurus, teachers, mentors, spiritual leaders, guiding lights - call it what you will.

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Organic. Because the only thing babe should soak up is the love.
What if we told you that making the best choice for your baby is just the beginning?

What if we told you that you're helping to change the world?

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Affordable Yoga & Meditation Retreat In NSW

Are you desperate for a change? Are stress, anxiety, or frustration dragging you down?

Are your head and heart in constant conflict and you’re finding it hard to make decisions? If so, the best possible decision you can make in your life right now is to TAKE A BREAK and visit our yoga retreat.

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Byron Yoga Centre was established in 1988 by John Ogilvie and is one of the longest running yoga schools in Australia.

Byron Yoga Centre is now at home at Byron Yoga Retreat Centre, 50 Skinners Shoot Road, Byron Bay. The tranquil eco haven is ideal for a retreat or for a teacher training course. Affordable and authentic yoga for all levels in beautiful Byron Bay.

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It’s about not only creating a physical space, but also a space in your mind for self-discovery to learn who you are, quieten the mind, and live so that we can consciously choose our actions and our thoughts to manifest the exact life that we want to live.

What I find is that when we are living on auto-pilot with all the conditioning and beliefs that we don’t even realise that we have, it means that we go through life not really living, we don’t remember it, and life is over.

We look for deeper long term relationships and deliver that message to the world:

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We’re constantly evolving, moving and growing just as technology does and as our clients' needs change. We can help you action things that need actioning, change things that need changing and get rid of things that aren’t working.