Thanks for working with a Digital Junkie. Have you filled in the Strategic Briefing Document? This video show how to add Digital Junkies to your Facebook and Google accounts so we can get started. NOTE: Facebook and Google regularly change their interfaces so it may look different.


Facebook: Add Digital Junky as a partner inside your business manager:

How to: 
In Business Manager >> Go to business settings (top left) >> On the left it says Users and Partners >> Click ADD and enter 402934753190690 and select:

Pixel, Page, Ad Account, Catalogue, Conversions and Instagram

Google Ads

Google Ads: If we are doing Google Ads please share your ID so we can send an invite to our agency account. Top leftside in your account.

Google SEO

If we are doing SEO, Please give us access with email address for:

  • Google My Business
  • Google Search Console (Web Master)
  • Google Analytics 


  • Please share your logins and a time for verification

Other assets

  • If we need access to your website please share your CMS logins
  • If we need access to Shopify please share our partner ID:
  • Share your images, videos, logos
  • Email marketing software - Klayvio, MailChimp or Keap

Tectonic CRM

Keen to partner with a Digital Junkie?

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