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Your Lead Magnet is on its way to your inbox but...what do you do next?
Get the Full Agency Lead Magnet Funnel System, Including Our Proven Funnel, Follow Up Email Automations, Facebook Ads, Promotional Strategies & Step-By-Step Training to Get It Up & Generating Leads In 7 Days!

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The Agency Lead Funnel Kit is a prebuilt, proven lead funnel that you can instantly deploy to attract more clients to your digital agency (and escape the feast or famine cycle for good).

BRAND NEW! The Agency Lead Funnel Kit!

Here's everything that's included in the kit...

  • Fully Editable Lead Magnet eBook That Attracts Local Business Leads
  • Pre-Built Funnel Pages that Persuade Prospects to Act
  • Everything You Need to Promote Your Lead Funnel
  • Social Posts, Facebook Ads, Audiences & More!
  • Delivery Emails to Turn Leads into Clients
Inside the Agency Lead Funnel Kit...
You Get Full Access To:

Pre- Built Funnel Ready to deploy with full automation sales pipelines
  • Your own lead generation automation workflow l for TOF
  • Ready to go landing page ready for your content
  • Monthly email marketing template ready to go
  • SMS written and ready to turn on* automation workflow
  • Your own course module this could be a basic free course or if you have your course already you paid course + automation workflow
  • AI reputation management automation workflow
  • All your messages automation workflow in ONE PLACE. Reply to Facebook, Instagram, Email, SMS AND Google My Business messages in 1 location
Value is $6000

Everything you need to promote your lead funnel
  • Promotional email to get your contacts excited about your awesome new ebook (Generic template)
  • Social posts + accompanying designs to turn your followers into qualified leads
  • Facebook ads and graphics to create targeted campaigns for your lead magnet + extend your reach
  • Audience and targeting recommendations to target local business owners
  • Delivery Emails to Turn Leads into Clients
  • Delivery + follow up sequence to convert your new-found leads into clients
  • Tested to ensure a high open and click through rate
  • Natural, proven process for landing clients when they’re most likely to buy
  • Professionally written copy that's designed for an agency like yours
Inside the Agency Lead Funnel Kit...
So, what will it be?
Will you keep riding the "feast or famine" cycle with the same old lead generation techniques?
Will you try to build your own lead funnel and spend thousands of dollars hiring professional writers and designers?
Will you take adavantage of this AMAZING deal and get a proven, prebuilt lead funnel today?
Will it work for your web or digital agency? You bet!
Check out these results from our students

image 1
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The Software

  • CRM
  • Payment gateways
  • Funnel software with website builder
  • Funnel software with SMS
  • Reputation management
  • Funnel software with SMS
  • Reputation management
  • Email marketing
  • Forms and surveys
  • Reporting and attribution reporting
  • Sent up to 5000 emails each month*
  • NO need for Zapir or complicated API’s (IT headaches)

Value is $6000

Templates and training modules to enter your own message and offer

  • How to create your offer that cannot be refused. Time to make it irresistible
  • Templates on how to write your own copy – that sells. Just fill in your information and ready to go
  • How to create your persona and put that message in your ads
  • Full CRM training for the software
  • Create a simple 14-word “Power Offer” script so you an test the system and you don’t even has to spend a penny on ads.

Module 1

Make sure you go through the onboarding videos – Watch Video ONE today as this is the one that sets the path to success and able to start using all these amazing tools today!

Module 2

Most effective way to use the funnel

Module 3

Tapping into your existing lists

Module 4

How to drive leads into your funnel today with NO zaps or 3rd party software.

Module 5

How to drive leads into your funnel today with NO zaps or 3rd party software.

Value is $900

How does this work?

14 day Trial - you’re getting software for $99 a month that would normally cost over $800 and complicated Zapier API connections for it to work!

This is the craziest thing you have probably ever come across – all this is FREE on a 14-day trial.

What happens after the 14 day free trial?

You only have to pay $99 a month to maintain access plus additional email and sms – we grow with you.

Why are we doing this?

Because we know once you have experienced the software and plugged in your FB ad then your almost certainly going to continue with this amazing system.
– you will not find this anywhere – not even close!

*NOTE: The $99 a month includes Unlimited users and Unlimited Contacts and includes 5000 email sends per month. SMS is also charged at .07 cents per SMS. When you sending over 5000 emails per month it’s time to move up. 

It takes a lot of time, skill, and experience to put together a successful Digital Strategy and push this into an automated sales funnel.

If we break down the costs of each piece within the Lead Funnel Kit it would look something like this:

Marketing Automation Funnel ($6,000 Value)
  • Set-up the entire funnel for your business in the CRM
  • Automated email conversion campaign setups
  • Fully set-up as per the details above
Copywriting ($4,300 Value)
  • Follow up email conversion campaigns ($1000)
  • Organic social posts designed and written by expert marketers ($300)
  • Working Facebook ad full tested and being used right now to geneate $200,00 in leads ($3000)
CRM software and monthly membership
  • No need for Cross technology stack integration
Funnel Page Sequence ($1,500 Value)
  • Landing page designed & built by expert marketers ($1000)
  • Professional conversion focused copywriting ($500)

TOTAL VALUE IS $8000 – GET ACCESS TO EVERYTHING for a no obligation 14 day FREE TRIAL

What happens after the free trial? It’s ONLY $99 a month to keep using the system.