Facebook Advertising Results

A couple of weeks ago, we ran a Facebook Advertising seminar on the Gold Coast. We run these Media Bootcamps in Varisty Lakes quite regularly. The goal is to help small business owners to set up their own ad campaigns live while also giving them the theory about digital advertising so they’ll understand the bigger picture.

It is very rewarding to reach Media to small business owners, micro-business owners and start-ups because you can literally see the penny drop once you have translated the technicalities into plain English.

Today, I would like to share Branka’s story with you. Branca attended the Facebook Advertising course and is stoked about her results.

Facebook Advertising Workshop Gold Coast

It’s great to hear our Media Bootcamp business owners get excited about what they learn. One thing I teach in the Facebook Advertising Workshop is that the longer you run a campaign and the more money you put against it, the lower the cost-per-action and cost-per-acquisition becomes. So, I told Branka to continue tweaking the campaign and also consider putting more money against the one campaign that is outperforming the other. Here is what Branka answered:

Facebook Workshop Gold Coast

Although Branka hasn’t made a sale yet, you can read her excitement between the lines. She’s now getting more traffic to her website than in the previous month – and more importantly, TARGETED traffic of people who might be interested in her products.

Her job now is to continue engaging with these prospects, either via a re-targeting campaign or by converting her website visitors into email subscribers.

We will keep you posted on Branka’s developments. In the meantime, if you want us to look at your digital marketing strategy, make sure you call us on 07 3040 1227. Also, check out our upcoming events and book yourself into a Media Bootcamp on the Gold Coast.

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