Facebook Dark Posts Update 2016

Heard about the new Facebook Dark Posts 2016 update and feeling slightly “in the dark”? Facebook Dark Posts are simply ads, in a news-feed style format, which don’t actually publish directly to your timeline or organically in your follower’s feeds.

Thinking of it in terms such as ‘going dark’ or ‘flying under the radar’, you can now post Facebook updates with the new Facebook Dark Post option, without them being posted to your timeline. The Facebook Dark Posts are published to your specific target audience feeds, and not to all of your followers. While you have always been able to hide your posts from your timeline after you’ve posted them, this new update means they skip your timeline altogether.


This new Facebook Dark Posts update is particularly great news for individuals or organisations who use Facebook for marketing purposes. It means you can target your audience and post updates specific to them. It also means that same status update isn’t being displayed on the timeline of followers who may be uninterested in that particular topic. You can post as many times in a day as you like, to whichever audience you choose.

A Facebook Dark Post doesn’t have to be just a status update either. The Facebook Dark Posts update currently supports a range of different post types, such as photos, videos, links and special offers. Each status update can be varied slightly, or more dramatically, depending on your chosen audience.

Facebook Dark Posts gives the Facebook user the ability to advertise, as many times as they like, without timeline posts degenerating into spam for their followers.

The Facebook Dark Post 2016 update also allows users to better guide the organic traffic of a site and gain greater audience reach and target engagement. Facebook users can curate ads that differ slightly in the way they are composed, in order to determine which variations work best and give the highest click rates.

Quite apart from those of us who may want to post a quick status update we’d rather not attach to our actual timeline, the new Facebook Dark Post 2016 update is another great way to use Facebook for advertising. You can make Facebook work for you, and reach your desired audience without annoying or oversharing with all your followers. You can quite literally keep some of your followers ‘in the dark’, as you choose which information is relevant to share and which audience to share it with.


The Facebook Dark Posts update is currently only available on the web, not mobile, and is an option that appears when you begin writing a status update. Simply check the “Hide from your Timeline” box, and the update will be posted to the News Feed without being logged on your Timeline.

The ability to pick and choose who receives status updates will be welcome news for many Facebook users. The Facebook Dark Posts update will enable those who use the social media platform for marketing and advertising to customise their ads and better improve their audience reach.

If you want to learn more about Facebook Dark Posts and how you can utilise this new feature for your own marketing, make sure you get in contact with our team at Digital Junkies.

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