Facebook Power Editor and Promoted Posts

Facebook has taken steps to decrease the organic reach of pages.

They are doing this to increase the volume of paid-for ads.

But clever marketers have found another option: Promoted Posts, in the Facebook Power Editor.

Promoted Posts (using the Power Editor) enable marketers to maintain and increase brand awareness with their target audiences.

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A Free Marketing Tool

Power Editor is a free marketing tool. The Power Editor is simple and intuitive to use. It is able to create, edit, control, and optimise large numbers of ads, across multiple campaigns.

Promoted Posts created through the Power Editor have six advantages over the traditional ‘Boost Post’ button. These centre on efficiency and data tracking. The Power Editor allows for:

  1. The tracking of traffic leading to off-site conversions.
  2. More precise targeting of registered site fans.
  3. The ability to target users according to demographics, such as nationality, age, gender, interests and education.
  4. The creation of multiple ads across all of your accounts (rather than having to boost posts individually).
  5. The ability to mass-edit and optimise ads across campaigns, accounts, and Pages.
  6. The power to control and optimise according to Cost-per-Impressions and Cost-per-Click.

The Power Editor has been designed to be used intuitively. Marketers are encouraged to use the program and get a feel for its scope and usability.

Targeting Functions

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Take, for instance, the Power Editor targeting functions: Audiences can be targeted according to information contained on existing email lists. These email lists can be analysed according to pre-defined demographics. The standard Power Editor demographics include: gender, country of residence, age, relationship status, and interests.

However, the emergence of Partner Categories is allowing for virtually unlimited varieties of demographic sorting.

Tracking and Conversion Specifications

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The Power Editor boasts an ever-growing number of tracking and conversion specifications. Just some of the current ones include:

  • Responses to an event (RSVPs)
  • Users’ engagement and sharing of pages.
  • Traffic to any URL from paid or organic sources.
  • The number of app installations or claims on advertised offers.

Action Specifications

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We’ve saved the best for last!

Power Editor contains a powerful tool called Action Specifications.

Action Specifications allows you to quantify the effectiveness of your sponsored post or advertisement based upon a user’s previous actions.

The importance of this cannot be understated.

The previous actions of users point to potential audiences of similar interests. The new Action Specifications allows you to sponsor comments, likes, and shares from the user who accessed your ad. These sponsored comments, likes, and shares will be seen by that user’s friends – and attributed to the original user.

There is no better, more natural or effective way to introduce your product (to potential customers) than through a mutual acquaintance. And this is exactly what Action Specifications allows you to do.

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