How to set up the Facebook CRM Conversations API. How can it decrease lead costs by 20%?

What is the Conversions API?

The Conversions API helps you improve your marketing by creating a direct connection between your marketing technology and Meta’s platform, providing you with more complete data to better optimize your ads. Watch the video above to learn why you should set up the Conversions API and how to get started. Meta Video here

The Conversions API: A path to best-in-class data-driven marketing

Advertisers with the Meta Pixel who set up the Conversions API saw 13% CPR improvement on average.*

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Awesome! In today's business environment, innovative companies think about their customers first. And that has led them to thrive by using data to get the right message to the right person at the right time. But the future of how we use data will look different. And it’s important to build a strong, foundational data strategy that puts your customers first. The Conversions API is a Meta business tool that creates a direct connection between your marketing data and the Meta technologies that optimize ad performance. This helps you to
use your own marketing data to optimize ad targeting, decrease cost per action and see a more complete picture of campaign outcomes while respecting people’s privacy. Like many advertisers, you may be used to sharing web data with Meta using the Meta Pixel. Unlike the Meta Pixel, the Conversions API isn’t just for website data. You can send cross-channel (web, app, and offline) marketing data about your customer interactions, allowing you to focus on the most important data for your business.

And since the Conversions API is less dependent on browser technologies than the Meta Pixel, it can help both enhance how you use your data to improve performance today and resiliency for the future.


• Increase ad performance with increased reliability and extended use of your data
• Improve your measurement capabilities
• Execute a privacy-preserving data strategy with increased access to new innovations and data controls. It's not a question of if, but rather one of when you’ll need to transition to the Conversions API. And innovative data driven businesses are implementing this solution now, because it's helping give them the edge they need to compete today. Global large advertisers with the Meta Pixel who set up the Conversions API saw, on average +19% additional attributed purchase events.* Global advertisers with higher quality Conversions API setup saw via Conversion Lift studies, on average +33% increase in share of incremental Purchase Events** and +82% increase in share of incremental Subscriptions Events.**



*Based on analysis of >1K global large advertisers with direct, Conversions API Gateway or partner integrations (partner integrations only included if >1000 integrations exist) between 2022-01-01 and 2022-03-31 with criteria of at least 50 server and browser events, EMQ score > 5, server coverage of > 90% (but no higher than 300% to eliminate outliers) **The meta analysis is based on the Global Conversion API based Lift studies (with 90+% confidence) ran between 2022-02-05 to 2022-05-03 with different levels of EMQ scores. The difference in incrementality share was observed between an EMQ score of 5.0 to 7.0 for advertisers who are passing purchase events with Conversions API, as well as for advertisers who are passing subscription events with Conversions API.
Source: Meta case study

Why the Conversions API?



• Increase ad performance Get more out of your existing data integration by increasing the volume and reliability
of data available for ad targeting and optimization. Use your data in more ways with access to optimization and performance tools like leads ads, custom audiences and post-conversion optimization.*
• Improve measurement capabilities Understanding which channels and surfaces are most effective for driving business results
is critical for marketers. The Conversions API not only enables improved measurement capabilities allowing you to better understand the true value of your advertising, but also improves access to sophisticated measurement tools, such as Conversion Lift, to plan and
test different campaign strategies. • Gain access to new privacy-focused innovations and controls Build a privacy-preserving strategy with increased data controls and simplify the usage of solutions that use privacy-enhancing technologies, such as Private Lift, our privacy-enhancing measurement offering.

We want to help you build data practices that allow you to continually respect consumer privacy and treat data as a valuable asset. Implementing the Conversions API can take time, commitment and resources, but respecting people’s privacy choices is absolutely critical. It’s what is needed to help take your marketing to the next level, gain a competitive edge and become best-in-class
data-driven marketers.

Setting up the Conversions API

We recommend you set up the Conversions API with the Meta Pixel in a redundant setup. By using both tools together, you can help strengthen the reliability of data you share, thus decreasing cost per action. There are several methods for setting up the Conversions API, and some may take less than an hour. Integration methods vary by their cost, implementation difficulty and the features they enable. Review the section below to help determine which integration method is right for your business. Setting up the Conversions API DIRECT INTEGRATION Customize your Conversions API integration by setting it up yourself. While this method is at no cost (excluding internal developer cost), setup often takes multiple weeks and requires access to your server’s codebase and ongoing maintenance. This granular approach to implementing works best for businesses with developer resources that build and maintain digital infrastructure.
• Configurability: A direct integration may be a good option for advertisers that need the ability to customize their configuration, control what data they share to Meta and when they share it.


The Conversions API Gateway is an integration method that connects your website to an Amazon Web Services instance, owned and operated by you, to send your data directly to Meta quickly and easily. This comes at no additional cost beyond what you pay for your AWS instance and this code-free method doesn’t require a developer. If you do not have an AWS account, you The Conversions API Gateway may be best suitable to businesses with limited developer resources as it can be integrated by a marketer with minimal IT support. Due to the codeless set up, the Conversions API Gateway can cut integration time from months to hours.
The Conversions API Gateway offers added benefits such as:
• Speed
It can help bring down the Conversions API integration time from weeks to hours.
• Cost
The Conversions API Gateway may mean a lower cost to you due to lower technical
resources or requirements. The Amazon Web Services fees are the only cost required
with the Conversions API Gateway.
• Low technical lift
With some technical knowledge, you can set up and configure the Conversions API
yourself with minimal support from your IT or developer teams.
• Low maintenance cost
Unlike manual direct integrations, the Conversions API Gateway can auto-update
whenever new features become available, and therefore can help reduce long-term
maintenance costs.


Not all advertisers have the resources or experience to set up or maintain the Conversions API Gateway instance. Partners and certain agencies can fill in this gap. This method might also be suitable for advertisers that use a partner integration with partial-funnel coverage and want to supplement it to capture upper- or mid-funnel events.

• Flexibility of a partner ecosystem. Over 50 partners support Conversions API integrations, including Shopify,and implementation complexity varies by partner, with some requiring just a few clicksto implem ent. • Leverage existing partner relationships

You may already be working with a partner, from managing your ad campaigns, to setting up and running your online shop. Your existing partner may be able to help you integrate the Conversions API. For example, some partners such as e-commerce platforms may be able to implement Conversations API with no additional costs and reduce the overhead of deduplicating website events



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