October 17

Media Bootcamp & Webflow Design = Awesome


We have joined forces with Webflow Design and Media Bootcamp and united we are a full-service digital marketing agency that can take you where you want to go. Walk into our studio. You’ll meet experts of all sorts – designers, developers and strategists. We’re refugees from the worlds of advertising, product design, branding, gaming and beyond. We’re happy collaborators, bringing our diverse, original perspectives to bear on every problem. What do we share in common? Endless curiosity and a deep love for all-things-digital.

Right ideas. Real Results. All In.

Today your customer has more media options than ever before. To get around the clutter, we strategically find your audience where they are and connect with impact, delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. By igniting interest at the exact moment of consideration, our creative delivers stronger return and fosters a lasting connection with your brand. With our deep experience in digital marketing, Media Junkies has sophisticated and proven approached to delivering impact across all areas of client relationship.

We Are Located on the Gold Coast

Come by and say hello at our office in Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast. We love coffee and you can also challenge us in ping pong 😉

About Media Bootcamp

Media Bootcamp offers to help people gain the media-based expertise they need for their own “skills security” as well as the competencies to reshape their organisations into more connected, savvy, 21st century enterprises. Our unique approach is that we share the knowledge with YOU. We educate you in all aspects of marketing, so you understand the bigger picture of web 2.0 marketing. In addition, we teach you every single step to run a successful marketing campaign yourself.

About Webflow Design

Webflow Design is a complete web development solution. With over 10 years’ experience we have built dozens of web sites small and large. It is well known that high quality web design is the key to progress and prosperity for each and every enterprise and if that is what you are looking for you are at the right place. Webflow Design’s main area of activity is in corporate web design, but it also delivers small business web solutions, including personal websites. Our team at Web Design consists of highly qualified and gifted professionals with great experience in diverse areas of the IT industry, who can provide valuable answers to your online-business needs.


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