Microsoft and Facemoji team up, Google’s AI assets go live, and a new tool for X Ads is coming soon…

Meet the new Face(moji) of Microsoft.

The two companies are partnering up, which means Microsoft can now serve ads within Facemoji’s Ask AI function.

That would put your ads in front of more than 550M users, 70% of whom are under 40, so… could be a great way to reach younger audiences, if that’s your target demographic.

So, how does it work? While chatting, Facemoji’s AI picks up on keywords within the conversation and displays potential products of interest in a way that feels pretty unintrusive.

Oh and, for now at least, the ads are only available in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. And you do need to optimize them to target the entire Microsoft Advertising Network.

Meanwhile, Google is optimizing assets for you, now that its AI for automatically creating assets is officially live.

Basically, Google’s AI creates headlines that align with Search queries to improve asset relevancy and performance.

… And it generates headlines based on landing pages, existing ads, and keywords in the ad group. So your own copy and keywords need to be on point.

And at X, to avoid running your ads next to content that doesn’t align with your brand, the platform is launching Creator Targeting.

Creator Targeting lets you show your ads beside specific content creators’ videos, both on the timeline and on profiles, to avoid any mishaps.

You’ll be able to do your tweaks over at the self-serve X Ads Manager… soon. Because we don’t know when it’s actually coming yet.

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