Monthly Social Media Reports

Comprehensive reporting

At the end of each month, we are sending out a comprehensive report to all of our clients to showcase the monthly social media activities. Let us explain you why this is important.

Social Media is a two-way communication process. You publish valuable content to engage with your target audience and get your offers in front of them. If you are playing your cards rights, your target audience will respond to your posts and a conversation starts. Our monthly reports will demonstrate clearly which type of content works best and drives the most engagement. Based on these insights you can optimise the content for the following month. There is no point to learn from your failures, only learn from your successes. What has worked best, and how can you make it even better.


Although you might outsource your social media activities to Media Junkies, you are always in full control of your channels. You can access free analytical tools like Facebook Insights or LinkedIn Insights at any time to see were you are at. These fee tools provide you with a lot of valuable information such as reach, demographics and engagement in each channel and will help you to better understand what your target audience is looking for.

Detailed Monthly or fortnightly reporting

analytics-newMedia Junkies creates hundreds of reports of our clients on a monthly basis and for us it is easy to benchmark your performance. We have insights in many different businesses and their marketing strategies in nearly every industry. We have seen how large companies do their Social Media marketing as well as outstanding performances from micro-businesses. This is why Media Junkies can compare your performance easily to other businesses and their performance. Of course, the job is not done with analysing and evaluating alone. How you utilise these insights is the key.

We have sophisticated software that can also correlate your Social Media activities to your website traffic, can analyse your search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics and much more. Talk to the experienced Media Junkies team and get your brand in front of your target audience.

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