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Krishna Village

In all honesty, nothing is more fulfilling to us than making people feel good.

From a business perspective, this is primarily applicable to our clients, to whom we commit fully and take their goals as our own. After all, this is the essence of what we do.

However, it is all the more rewarding to know that when we help our clients realize their goals we also, by extension, help in their mission of making other people feel good.

And nothing is more representative of that than our work with Krishna Village, an eco-yoga community set on an organic farm in northern NSW.

Their mission? 

“To propagate a wholesome and sustainable social environment that encourages the pursuit of personal and spiritual growth, leading towards a joyous and loving state of mind beneficial for all living beings.”

Or put in a simple sentence, conveyed masterfully in their slogan: simple living, high thinking.

The epitome of “making people feel good”.

It was with added delight then that we worked in every aspect of their digital marketing strategy.

From designing their new website and lead generation funnels to serving social adverts and optimizing their organic (and paid) search engine results, we pulled out all the stops to make sure their mission was accomplished.

The results? Soon after the final details had been tied up and the campaigns were launched, the Krishna Village team requested us to pause promotions for their Yoga Teacher Training as its full capacity had been reached.

This is, however, only the beginning. With a calendar filled with amazing courses and events spread throughout the year, we will keep working closely with Krishna Village to make sure that, in achieving their own goals, they help transform other people’s lives for the better.

Our favourite type of win-win situation.

And as a final word, it would be remiss of us not to urge you to check out their website and Social Media for all the incredible things they do.

We are certain you will find a special something for you there!

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