Achieving over 600% ROI, month to month
on their ecommerce store

What did we do for LEGear?

We advertised to a cold audience (people who had never heard of LEGear) and a warm audience (previous customer and website visitors). The targeting was spot on and the results astonishing. 

We optimised Facebook ads to promote LEGear’s products to people who had expressed interest on their website by viewing certain galleries or products, had made purchases previously, or abandoned the cart at one point on their path to purchase. We also targeted social media followers, even if they hadn’t been to their site and showed them products tailored to their interests. In addition, we retargeted shoppers, followers and custom audiences to complete their sale and reminded them of items they had viewed but hadn’t bought yet. This led to an increase of sales of over $20k in the first month alone without the need to discount or run any flash sales. The most exciting part is the cost per new customer is around $11. With these kinds of metrics on hands, the company can now scale up and take their Facebook advertising to new levels.

How can we deliver these types of results?

We only take on projects where we know we can create incredible results. It takes hard work, so we love clients who are willing to put in as much effort as we are, to ensure the best possible outcomes. Sometimes, with the right criteria, we can get these results from day one, other businesses may take some extra work. But the main point is; at the very start it has to be a two-way street, then with the solid foundation in place, we can take over and you can do what you do best - run your business!

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