We have dozens of success stories. In this case study we show how we went from $​0 in digital advertising to $823,000 in sales

Outdoor and Tactical eCommerce Store. In this case study we show how we went from $ZERO in digital advertising to $823,000 in sales.

Total sales over 2.5 years

We have s soft spot for this client because this was our first eCommere client we implemented Facebook Dynamic feed and have achieved impressive results. We went from $ZERO to $823,000 in sales. We pretty darn proud of that. It has taken our blood sweat and tears - and we love it.

You have to remember 2.5 years ago was also much easier to achieve results as re-marekiting was fairly new so were getting ROAS of ​​20. ​In the first  3 months we spend $1000 and made $20,000 in sales. Since then as algorythums change we had to adapt and re-work grow​th strategies. 

It is important to know - as the market getting more crowded, you have to find new and innovative ways to beat the competition.

We like to say - it's a blood bath out there.

​Still getting ROAS of over 7 in July 2019

​Each month we constantly get a ROAS of over 7. We wanted to fast foward from 2017 to know. We've been in the trenches and had to adapt to hundreds of Facebook inerface and algorythum changes.

​And yes we are still here and going strong.

We love innovation and the challenge of keeping up whit all the new features and strategies.

We are addicted to Facebook.

​ROAS of 5 for Black Friday

​Black Friday and the lead up to Christmas is the most competitive time or the year and the CPC and CMP goes through the roof! But has amazing potential to explode sales, grow your lists and cross sell, up sell and increase AOV.

​Black Friday we deployed a hot and cold campaign and achiteved $55,000 in sales over the weekend.

​We build long term relationships that is based on sales Growth and communication:

1. Where Did We Start?
​They came to us with a wicked brand, huge produced offering and competitive in the market place. They were ready to roll up their sleeves and give us what we need to start there digital marketing and grow sales. The first port of call was getting the account approved. We had to crawl through the trenches. Facebook does not approve of any kind of guns or knifes! We had to create multiple ad accounts and product feeds to get it white listed and approved. 

2. ​Split testing hudreds of objectives
A key ingredient to success was using a mix of ​Insta Stories, Instand experiences, carousels, single image and short video ads. This turned cold audiences into warm, ready to buy customers. We also had a stong focus on building the email list - still the secret Weapon!

3. What We Did Once We Found Winning Combos
With the winning creatives, offers and audiences, it was time to step it up a notch, or two, or three!

Digital Junkies: We know our weapons!

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