driving eCommerce results beyond your wildest dreams 

In this case study, we pull the curtains back on how we generated almost ONE MILLION dollars in revenue over the course of 2.5 years for a client that had never used Facebook™ Ads.

How we hit an average ROAS of 5.8 and increased the client's average monthly revenue by $40k 

How it all started

The client came to us with a solid outdoor & tactical products brand. It had huge product offering and was very competitive in the market place.

They were prepared to roll up their sleeves and give us what we needed to start their digital marketing and grow sales.

This was actually the first time we implemented Dynamic Product Ads (DPA), back when Facebook™ first introduced this re-marketing wonder - a tool so powerful it never ceases to amaze us.

What ensued after we turned on this money-making machine was nothing short of mind-blowing, and knocked our socks right off...

Because this client had a prominent local presence, with solid traffic coming in from organic and paid sources, as soon as we started to re-market products to their website visitors via Facebook™ their ROAS went through the roof and hit a ridiculous mark of 20. 


For three months straight, we allocated $1,000 towards our DPA ads and made $20,000, consistently hitting the mark and literally making our client's operations team break sweat to keep up with the demand.

BUT, the only thing is...

That this was 2,5 years ago... the golden age of Dynamic Product Ads.

Before hundreds of thousands of other businesses flooded the social advertising realm, day after day, making costs skyrocket, and the countless algorithm changes which wrecked rock-solid strategies that used to yield ridiculous results.

And just like that, most businesses' profits got chomped by the unforgiving market.

But since then, have we stopped delivering results the results to them?

Still smashing sales in 2020

When the market turned into quite the war zone and battle-hardened strategies were rendered useless, we got back to the drawing board, reassessed our tactics and responded with a blast of rapid fire.

We spent time in the trenches, testing and tweaking campaigns to exhaustion to hold down the fort and recoup our client's original position of dominance.

We're talking quantity breaks, upsells, offer hooks, dynamic creatives, look-a-like audiences, multi-level funnels, and so on. Literally everything we could think of that could set sales ablaze once again. 

And here we are, after deploying countless strategies to adjust and adapt our campaigns to an ultra-volatile market, 2.5 years down the track and consistently delivering 5x to 7x ROAS month after month.

Up to date, we've generated almost 1,000,000 - yes, almost one million dollars - in revenue for this client.

And let's reiterate and put some emphasis on how fast all this happened: just 2.5 years - barely enough time to blink.

The thing is, we just refuse to settle: our thirst for results is unquenchable.

ROAS of 5 on Black Friday

That Black Friday is one of the most important days for businesses to explode sales during Q4 is old news.

However, because the CPC and CPM get exceptionally high, with businesses vying for every cent they can get, many struggle to make their cash-register ring enough to be at profit.

And when every player on the market is fighting for attention and clicks on Black Friday, they neglect the one thing that will actually make them the big bucks: increasing their AOV (Average Order Value).

So what did we do?

Whilst everyone else was distracted trying to solve their "traffic problem", we deployed hot and cold audience campaigns optimised to increase AOV in every conceivable way we could imagine.

The result?

$55,000 in sales over the weekend.

Does that sound like a figure you would like to bank into your account?

We build long term relationships based on sales growth and communication

Hats off to you for coming all the way down here - we really do appreciate you taking interest in our work.

We'll just go ahead and assume, then, by your effort of reading through our page, that your ultimate goal is to make your business successful and that nothing is gonna stop you now.


And by now you should be well aware that advertising is crucial to successfully scale a business, yeah?

However, it's likely that you have also seen many digital marketing ads promising big wins - the kind of stuff that's hard to believe (like what we've just told you above).

Or worse still...

You have tried a digital marketing agency before and the results only succeeded in draining your wallet.

But what if we told you that you don't pay us a cent, unless you are making money (and by money, we mean good money).

We're talking about performance-based Ads.

A really simple model that we only implement for a select group of clients: the ones we know will roll their sleeves up and put in the work, just like we do.

And how do you know if you qualify?

Well, are you a serious entrepreneur that:

  • has a great product-market fit
  • already make online sales
  • has the ability to scale
  • wants to invest more in advertising

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