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Australian Sunglass Brand from Zero to ROAS 4 

Oscar & Frank

All of us here in the office have a knack for fashion and all things that can spark up the day – be it clothing or funky accessories.

Having Oscar & Frank come on board the Digital Junkies wagon, then, got us beyond pumped, backflipping off our desks with the opportunity to work with one of Australia’s most iconic eyewear labels.

To get an appreciation for the level of “iconicness” we’re talking about, these are the sunnies worn by none other than the world’s most infamous DJ and party starter, FISHER. What essentially meant we had some pretty loose leeway to go crazy with the way we communicated with our audiences.

We just had to contain ourselves a little to not disturb Facebook’s advertisements-reviewing bots, and avoid blowing them to pieces ? with what could be dubbed, to some extent, “irreverent comms”.

What’s even better: the team at Oscar & Frank were just as loose, if not more, than Fisher itself. Needless to say, we got along just fine ?

Supplying us with a mix of provocative, sexy, and voguish images, they fuelled our imagination and got our creative juices flowing. It was under the influence of such a mood that we put together advertisements and campaigns that not only inspired us, but lit up our audiences like the fish’s bass drop! ?

We started off just before summer in 2019, which is a hella good time of year to be selling sunnies;

Then got swamped with sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday;

Made all the way through to Australia Day and an epic Buy One, Get One (BOGO) campaign;

That was soon followed by what could be labelled “one of the most outrageous promotions ever done by an eyewear label”, which flew 2 lucky customers into Bali to watch Fisher play at The Lawn, in the sun-drenched sands of Canggu;

Then navigated the crazy, scary, and uncertain waters of COVID-19, trying to keep our chins up and make self-isolation less dull with a bit of style (wearing sunnies at home proved to be somewhat therapeutical);

And finally – just recently – ran a Mother’s Day campaign with an evocative line and coupon code ? MOTHERSMILK does wonders, including getting you a free pair of sunnies.

Below are some of the ads that we ran, following this chronology of campaigns, that we believe are worth sharing with you to illustrate what can be done when your brand is one of the coolest kids on the block ?

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