Urban Road

When Urban Road came to us they had a pretty successful eCommerce platform selling Art Canvases, however they wanted to grow even bigger and better, but wanted to free up their time to focus on the business. We had just the solution.

We deliver over ​1000% ROI every month for 6 months

Urban Road: We spent $2443.58 on Facebook Ads and made $38,650.25 in the first 2 months.
That's over 1500% return.

​How can we deliver these types of results?

​We only take on projects where we know we can create incredible results. It takes hard work, so we love clients who are willing to put in as much effort as we are in the beginning to ensure the best possible outcomes. Sometimes with the right criteria we can get these results from day one, other businesses may take some extra work. But the main point is; at the very start it has to be a two-way street, then with the solid foundation in place, we can take over and you can do what you do best - run your business!

What did we do for Urban Road?

We Implemented Infusionsoft and connected an API to sync to their eCommerce platform, we also automated lots of their internal processes and optimized their digital marketing using a sophisticated – and highly targeted - dynamic product and evergreen ad campaign. The results were phenomenal - in the first month we increased in sales by 200%, for as low as $2 per acquisition.

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We’re constantly evolving, moving and growing just as technology does and as our clients' needs change. We can help you action things that need actioning, change things that need changing and get rid of things that aren’t working.