​Search Engine Optimisation Gold Coast
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GUARANTEED RESULTS IN 90 DAYS*  If we don’t deliver on our promises within the first 90 days,
we’ll work for free until we do! Call to begin right away!

* Guaranteed fulfillment of KPIs pre-agreed upon at the time of contract

We’ve helped hundreds of customers with their SEO and digital marketing initiatives in Gold Coast. Here’s a teaser of how our campaigns can benefit YOUR business:

An SEO strategy that’s tailored

We create packages suitable to your budget, schedule and desired returns. Tell us what you hope to achieve and we will do the rest.

Value for money

We will look into your niche, your competitors, your existing SEO, website structure and everything else that’s needed to give you the best results.

More visibility = more profit

You can expect to see your website rank higher and have more visitors. Ultimately, these visitors will become customers.

Get popular with the locals

If you’re a small business, competing against the whole of Australia would be a tall order. A local campaign can help you achieve great results quickly and turn the people in your area into customers.

What can you expect to pay for new targeted traffic?
All packages include:


  • ​Meta Tags
  • ​Meta Descriptions
  • ​H1 H2 H3 Titles / Tags
  • Sits File Map Install
  • ​Content Creation and Optimisation
  • ​Anything and everything Google, Yahoo and Bing read rank and recognise


  • ​Link Building Process
  • ​Article Submissions
  • ​Directory Submissions
  • ​​Local Directory Submissions
  • ​Blog Networks
  • Social Networks
  • Content creation and Optimisation
  • ​Contextual Links

You need to pick the right solution for you

We will give you the visibility you need in order to make your presence felt. We are unlike other seo experts in gold coast because we will stop at nothing until your website reaches the first page of Google.

You may have had previous experiences with SEO companies who failed to deliver their promises. We can correct their mistakes and reverse your poor web rankings. Talk to us so we can show you how effective our tactics are.

There’s no greater proof to this than our own website’s #1 page position. If we can do it to ourselves, we can do it for others too. We will dedicate ourselves to work on your search engine optimisation.

LeGear - Over 45 #1 Results

Google TOP organic rankings + Facebook Ads

LEGEAR is the leading supplier of Law Enforcement and Military products in the APAC region. We are achieving over 50 page 1 ranking. As a results we are seeing a dramatic increase in sales every month since we started.

How to rank your page on the first page of google. Insider secrets you can use.

Rank your business on the front page – 

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is difficult, but worth it. No other practice gives us such direct insight into what people want and are searching for.

This means that search traffic is a critical long term digital strategy for any business so you can be found - when your customers are looking!