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Real-time social intelligence.

The perfect blend of art and science.

Our real-time data visualizations are what truly sets us apart. The pre-cursor was the heart and soul of a global beverage brand's social media command center, so visually stunning dashboards are in our DNA. Our visualizations were designed to provide actionable insights as quickly as possible to key decision-makers.

Those who don't want to wait for analysts to explain what is going on, or pour through confusing spreadsheets and graphs that don’t reveal what is most important at a glance. Actionable Insights in real-time Impressive visual support to strategy sessions or client meetings Instant feedback on campaigns and events Exposure to breaking news and trending concepts as they happen Understanding of what and who is most important to focus on first

Manage your reputation.

Social media monitoring

We monitors online reviews, blogs, news, forums and social networks. Our tool performs text analysis and extracts sentiment, as well as opinions. It measures the quantity and quality of the conversations, analyzes the demographic profile of the audience, gives you the possibility to manage your social profiles and perform you campaign from within our engagement calendar.

Offline reputation

Monitoring and managing your online reputation is vital for your offline reputation. We protect your brand, personal name, CEO’s name and improve your overall performance on the web. Contact us today and start monitoring your most valuable asset now!

Online reputation management

Fact: 75% of online users are more likely to click on a negative search result than on a positive one. Because of social media, it is now easy for everyone to spread negative content. How can you protect your name, your business, and your reputation? Talk to our experiences team and let us show you what we've achieved for other clients in the past.

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