January 12

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Gold Coast

Tennis star Bernard Tomic sorry after alleged clash with staff and security at Royal Pines courts

Bernard told recreational players to leave a practice court – and verbally abused intervening staff – at training last week. When management asked Tomic to also pay to use the tennis court at the Royal Pines Resort, the country’s controversy-prone No.1 lost the plot and used foul language. This story is the fasted spreading news on social media as sports and media agencies and outlets pick it up globally.




Cole Miller march in Brisbane

Cole Miller was the victim of a recent one-punch attack.

More than 1,000 people have attended a rally in honour of Cole Miller, the teenage victim of an alleged one-punch assault in Brisbane a week ago, calling for an end to violent behaviour.

Family and friends joined politicians and supporters in Brisbane’s King George Square, with many dressed in green – Coles water-polo team colour – to remember the talented water-polo player.

41.600 followers on twitter and 8,000 tweets plus hundreds of images have been uploaded to Instagram so far.


Australia Wide

We love our lamb Australia Day Video Campaign & the rise of Lee Lin Chin

Meat and Livestock Australia have run the highly successful lamb marketing television campaign since 1999. Since 2005 these have included Lambassador Sam Kekovich’s annual Australia Day Address to the Nation. The series has become an iconic part of our TV screens. The reason? Because they’re bloody hilarious.

See this year’s campaign video https://youtu.be/7i15OPuFvmA

It says on their Facebook:

There are over 1 million Australians abroad, who are in serious danger of not being in Australia on Australia Day, not on our watch! Introducing Operation Boomerang. Coming soon.

Total: 200k views on YouTube and 200k views on Facebook in less than one day since it launched online. A day later 440k views on YouTube and 370k views on Facebook. In comparison, last year’s campaign featuring Richie Benaud only reached 28k views on YouTube.


Global with Australian Reference:

Hugh Jackman trending with his Martini video on Facebook

Will Hugh Jackman be the next James Bond?

The Australian actor shared a video snippet of him slurping on a Martini cocktail, commenting ‘SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED.’ Within only 5 hours it had 312k views globally and thousands of comments. His fans are speculating if he could be the next James Bond or not. I say, never upload a video to Facebook when drunk 😉

Video snippet can be viewed here https://www.facebook.com/167633226631991/posts/1022344494494189

Globally Trending today

Groom makes detour on way to wedding to visit his grandmother who couldn’t make it to the ceremony


When a groom realised his grandmother wasn’t going to be able to make it to his wedding he and his bride decided to take the wedding to her. Brian Kurtulik, 32, and his fiancé Lauren, 30, decided to make a detour on their wedding day and visit Mr Kurtulik’s 81-year-old grandmother, Peg McCormack in the rehabilitation centre where she was recovering after a fall. When the groom and his fiancé arrived in the hospital, together with their wedding photographer Rachel Nolan, they found her propped up in bed dressed head to foot in her wedding outfit, she even had her corsage wrapped around her wrist. The touching images can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/hello.gorgeous.photography.nj


Globally Trending Last Week

Women are showing no mercy for men in the #WasteHisTime2016 hashtag

People using the hashtags #wastehistime2016 & #wastehertime2016 to share creative ways to end relationships before they start. Some hideous and also hilarious examples of this global hashtag phenomenon can be viewed here:


However, in one case the #wasteHisTime2016 idea took a tragic turn when 2 days ago, Fabian Suarez killed his 22year old date, Lina Johnson, for allegedly #wasting his time on purpose. He had taken her out for dinner one night and also bought her expensive lingerie at Victoria’s secret only to be asked afterwards to drop her off at her boyfriend’s house. Suarez lost it, taking out a pocketknife and stabbing Lina 24 in the chest.



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