Streamlining and Automating Business with Asana

We have always been on the lookout for ways to streamline and automate our business because we don’t see any sense in a process that is tedious. A lean process saves time and energy and delivers the same result if not better. If you want to go about your business in a lean and mean way, streamlining and automating is the way to go. And, that is our mission – to help businesses streamline and automate their processes the way we’ve been doing ours.

We’re happy to share that recently, we started using an amazing project management tool called Asana. In a nutshell, it is an application that you can use to manage teams so you can start on projects and end with checkmarks.  Asana can help you with the following:

Task and Project Management:

    • Tasks – you can easily create a task for yourself or assign one to a teammate.
    • Due dates and time – you will not miss any deadline because you will easily see the due dates for each task on your list.
    • Projects – you can organize your tasks into shared projects to facilitate collaboration.
    • Attachments – you can attach files to your tasks or conversations. Files can come from your computer, Dropbox, Box or Google Drive.
    • Sections – feel free to create sections to customize your workflows and structure.
    • Heart – if you see something that merits a thumbs-up, “like” it with a heart.


    • Task conversation – if you have a question about a particular task, you can comment directly on it.
    • Project conversation – keep track of a project’s progress by opening a discussion.
    • Team pages – have a conversation and see all your projects in one place.


    • My tasks – create a prioritized to-do list so you can plan your day optimally.
    • Dashboards – check the progress of the projects you want to see via a customized view.
    • Inbox – get automatic updates on specific tasks you want to keep track of.
    • Calendar – see any list of tasks in a calendar view to keep track of deadlines.
    • Search – use the powerful search to find the work you need done quickly.
    • Files view – find the files you need quickly and see a gallery view of the attachments.

Team Management

    • Task assignees – assign tasks to specific team members for accountability’s sake.
    • Followers – get updates for specific tasks or projects.
    • Guests – collaborate with vendors, contractors and partners in Asana.


    • Dropbox –  attach Dropbox files directly to tasks.
    • Okta – eliminate passwords access Asana using your company credentials.
    • Slack – post updates to a Slack channel when there are changes in your Asana workspace.
    • Github – lets your team stay on top of recent code changes.
    • Chrome – add tasks to Asana from any web page in Chrome.
    • Google Drive – attach files easily from Google Drive.

Take advantage of Asana the way we do and you will be doing your business smoothly and more efficiently. Go a bit further and use Asana in conjunction with Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft is an online solution that features lead generation tools, automation, email and social media tools aimed at engaging and converting leads. Together, Asana and Infusionsoft will streamline and automate the way you do business.

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